Fuel Yourself to Fulfill your Mission: Self-Care Tips for Social Impact Leaders

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

You can’t serve others unless you take care of yourself. That's why the airlines advise you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. With so much at stake for your clients, for your organization, for your cause— it can be easy to overlook your needs! Yet, the constant... (continued)


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Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact

Article provides quantifiable evidence that microvolunteering initiatives seem to be achieving substantial impact derived from actions that, on the face of it would not seem to be contributing anything worthwhile, but when crowdsourced with thousands of others, create a seemingly eyebrow raising amount of impact.


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Measuring Program Outcomes

Article discussing how state-of-the-art evaluation methods can help nonprofits, and provides tips for measuring nonprofit outcomes.


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Collective Impact: Challenges and Solutions

Presentation and handouts by Jane Arsenault and Anne Yurasek of FIO Partners. From the 2013 Alliance for Nonprofit Management National Conference.

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Red ASER: Brochure & Sample Letter of Intent (English & Spanish)

Red ASER documents completed by Michelle Luellen and Christine Mailloux.

Red ASER is a coalition of nonprofit organizations in Tijuana who joined together to create impact and advocate for the nonprofit sector in the border region of San Diego/Tijuana.

The enclosed documents are:

  1. An... (continued)

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5 Creative Ways Non-Profits Can Show The Impact Of Donations

Being able to show the direct impact donations have is important to attract new donors, and keep your old ones. Here are five creative ways to do just that:



How much is your grant process stealing from your grantees?

Your Grant Application process can rob much of the value of grant.

At Good Done Great, we created this tool to help foundations assess how efficient (or “streamlined”) their application process is from end to end. Once you plug in the numbers, you will be able to clearly see how much of your money... (continued)

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Social Impact Bonds: Creating New Impact Investment Vehicles

A great deal of impact investing takes place through traditional financing models including private equity, venture capital, and debt financing. However, there is also a movement to develop new impact investment vehicles that capitalize on both for-profit and government funding for solving social problems. ... (continued)

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Evidence of Change: Exploring Civic Engagement Evaluation

This report offers a look into how organizations currently view their relationship with impact measurement and then presents a brief summary of the key findings that came out of the Civic Engagement Evaluation Summit convened by the partner organizations.


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Outcomes for Food Pantries/Emergency Services Organizations

The United Way has been pushing agencies to go through a process of defining and measuring the outcomes of their services. Makes general sense. The outcome is the "so what" of the service (e.g. the output provided is the service).

This seems to be quite difficult to do for services that meet short... (continued)

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Rensselaerville Institute website

The Rensselaerville Institute and it Center for Outcomes has been in the forefront of outcome thinking. They published the first work on the subject over 14 years ago, OUTCOME FUNDING. Recently they published a comprehensive review of several appraoches to outcomes, OUTCOME FRAMEWORKS.


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When to Use Impact Data For Higher Response Rates – New Research

According to a new research study, providing data on your nonprofit's impact will only leads to more donations if it's presented to a particular kind of donor. Find out when to use impact data and when not to.




Nonprofit management professional with experience in data collection and outcomes measurement looking for a full time position. Additional experience in business management, bookkeeping, finance and marketing, including social media and website administration. Some experience in the public sector. MS in Nonprofit Management from... (continued)

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Independent Sector: Charting Impact

At the heart of Charting Impact are five powerful questions that require reflection and promote communication about what really matters – results.

For each nonprofit or foundation, Charting Impact encourages strategic thinking about how it will achieve its goals. Responding to the five questions creates a unique report that... (continued)

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Social Return on Investment and Its Relevance to Microfinance

The purpose of this Progress Note is to introduce key concepts of SROI to the SEEP Network and broader microfinance communities

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Tip Sheet 11: Business Plan Outlines for Social Enterprises

Tips on Effective Business Planning for Social Enterprises.

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Adapting the Balanced Scorecard to Fit the Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Article describing the balanced scorecard as a way of assessing the impact a nonprofit or governmental organization is having. This method measures outcomes from the perspective of customers, employees, internal processes, and finances.


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Growing Network Impact: How Nonprofit Networks are Raising the Bar on Results

In the course of our work, we have seen several networks take promising steps to deliver measurably better results, and we have observed five critical, common elements in their efforts. This article describes those elements, drawing on the experiences of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls... (continued)

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Getting at Impact

Dr. Paul Clements was research director for the Success Measures Project. He teaches international development administration at Western Michigan University.
This is a great resource is you are new to the idea of assessing the impact of your work. Even better would be to use it as part of your own internal advocacy for better and... (continued)

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Developing a Logic Model Practice Guide

Designing a logic model is an excellent way to simplify the complexity of a program and assimilate the causal linkages that are assumed to occur from the start of the program through to the impact it makes. Read this Practice Guide to understand why Logic Models are helpful and how to design one.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

The Sharing Entity... (continued)

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