Impact Overview

This one-page overview graphically illustrates how the organization makes an impact in pursuit of its mission.

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Integrated Term Sheets: A Tool for Impact Investing

Integrated term sheets incorporate information on desired social and environmental impact, including ex-ante selection of desired indicators and impact reporting commitments, alongside the financial terms and conditions typically found in term sheets. This powerpoint provides suggestions for creating your own... (continued)

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High Impact Philanthropy in the Downturn: Focus on Housing, Health, and Hunger: A Guide for Donors

Now, more than ever, donors need to understand where their resources can deliver big results.

To help donors understand where such high impact opportunities exist, our multidisciplinary team relied on numerous sources of information. These sources included available... (continued)

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Measuring Program Outcomes: A Challenge to the Use of Indicators

Researching the use of indicators as a way of measuring outcomes. It deals with the challenge of selecting effective indicators that give meaningful results.

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SWOT Analysis

This article explains the process of SWOT Analysis and how to incorporate that tool into strategic planning.

This article explains the process of SWOT Analysis and how to incorporate that tool into strategic planning.

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Ersoylu Consulting

Ersoylu Consulting is a Southern California-based consulting firm dedicated to creating and measuring impactful community based systems change efforts. We have evolved to become a leader in the field, having spent nearly 20 years working at the nexus of nonprofits and political advocacy.


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Outcome Information: How and Why Nonprofits Use It

Research report summarizing discussions from a symposium on the uses of outcome information by nonprofits and the factors that affect its use. Includes factors symposium participants identified as affecting the use of outcome information either negatively or positively, including organizational climate,... (continued)

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The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets That Change the World

This book discusses different case studies of organizations based around "unusual" ideas, and their global impact, focusing on case studies.

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What Do We Mean by Scale?

This webinar discusses how scaling impact can make the nonprofit sector more effective in resolving widespread social issues. It includes different definitions of scale, and tips for grantmakers and nonprofits on using scale.

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Lifting the Burden of Malaria: An Investment Guide for Impact-Driven Philanthropy

Malaria kills more than 5,000 people a day, primarily children in sub-Saharan Africa. Each of those deaths is avoidable due to the emergence of three pivotal developments. First, effective, low-cost tools now exist for malaria’s prevention and treatment. Second, a consensus is emerging on... (continued)

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