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Effective Strategic Planning Part 3: Measure, Monitor, Report

Wed, May 11, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

No matter how rewarding a planning process is in cultivating your stakeholders, focusing your board and staff, and developing your organization, and no matter how promising the goals and objectives of your plan, strategic planning cannot be successful unless it drives... (continued)


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Preparing an Evaluation Scope of Work

Article describing what an evaluation scope of work (SOW) is, why it is important, and suggests methods of good SOW preparation.

Article describing what an evaluation scope of work (SOW) is, why it is important, and suggests methods of good SOW preparation.


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Qualitative Evaluation

Book demonstrates how evaluations using qualitative approaches may provide an understanding that more traditional quantitative approaches fail to. Sections include the foundations of evaluation and recent trends; evaluation and action programs; the process of evaluation (including design, data collection and... (continued)

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Evaluation Review: A Journal of Applied Social Research

This journal provides a forum for researchers, planners and policymakers engaged in the development, implementation and utilization of evaluation studies. It also reflects a wide range of methodological and conceptual approaches to evaluation and its many applications.


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Maberry Consulting and Evaluations

Maberry's team of highly qualified evaluators, educators and administrators
develop systems to accurately assess the impact of your program,
solidly positioning it for audits, grantor reviews – and ultimately for
future funding.

Their insight into measuring — and improving — clients’ effectiveness
has been gained as the... (continued)

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Thinking about Evaluating Your Program? These Strategies Will Get You Started

Article assisting those with little or no experience in program evaluation. Covers identifying and documenting the outcomes, activities, and indicators to be evaluated; assessing the quantity and quality of the program's achievements.


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Evaluation Design: Methodological Approach and Sampling

Tutorial describing how to plan and conduct an outcomes evaluation. It explains how to decide what data to collect and how to choose a sampling methodology for that data.


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Evaluation with Power: A New Approach to Organizational Effectiveness, Empowerment, and Excellence

This book dismisses the traditional view of evaluation, that is, evaluation in relation to projects or programs. The author recommends ongoing evaluation as a means of fostering excellence in nonprofit organizations. The roles and contributions of board, staff, volunteers, and clients are outlined.


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Surveys Conducting on the Web

Article explains advantages and disadvantages of conducting online surveys/evaluations. Advantages: Lower costs and increased response rate. Disadvantages: Technical support and privacy issues.


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This essay and 26 others are part of a suite of strategic planning essays for the National Endowment for the Arts' Advancement Program, commissioned and edited by Morrie Warshawski (www.warshawski.com) for a toolkit called LESSONS LEARNED (which was dismantled in 2013).

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Critical Issues #15: Strategic Action

Strategic planning is about organizational development and focused action. In this essay we look at how to create action items that will advance strategy and mission.


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Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory

This online tutorial guides collaborators through the process of assessing their effectiveness. Summary of results will be displayed based on factors which influence the success of a collaboration. Results can be interpreted by using their Collaboration Publication.

This online tutorial guides collaborators through the... (continued)

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Benchmarking for Nonprofits: How to Measure, Manage, and Improve Performance

Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring your organization against leaders to gain knowledge and insights that will help you improve. This book defines a formal, systematic, and reliable way to benchmark—from preparing your organization to measuring performance and implementing best practices.


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Your Organizational Performance Assessment

This form provides an electronic assessment of organizational performance in these categories: mission; ethics and accountability; external environment; strategic planning; organizational structure; leadership and management; human resources; information technology; and more.


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Survey: Developing Written Questionnaires Tutorial

Tutorial for writing an evaluation questionnaire. Covering how to determine whether a questionnaire is the best instrument choice, design and writing of the questionnaire, and administering the finalized instrument.


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Survey: Introduction to Survey Methodology and Design

Article describing the essential steps in survey design and administration including sampling, response rates, types of questions, and ethics.


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Evaluation: Checklist for Development and Evaluation Budgets

Worksheet divided into several categories of typical cost items for conducting evaluations. Helps evaluators think through issues to consider when developing an evaluation budget.


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Evaluating the Impact of Information Technology

Article sharing lessons learned in evaluating the impact of technology on organizational operations. It suggests focusing on a theory of change, training, and a clear purpose in acquiring equipment.


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Evaluation & Research Selection Bias

Articles explaining the problem of selection bias in research and evaluations. When selection bias exists, program participants differ from non-participants in characteristics that cannot be observed by the evaluator and affect both the decision to participate in the program and its... (continued)

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International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

This journal publishes original evaluation research, both theoretical and empirical, as well as reviews of relevant literature and overviews of developments in evaluation policy and practice.


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Casa Cornelia Law Center Code of Ethics

The project is a code of ethics for Casa Cornelia Law Center (CCLC) that outlines the ethical principles that reflects its values and the manner in which the board, staff, and volunteers are expected to carry out the organization's mission and conduct their work. To accompany the Code, a three-year implementation plan was... (continued)

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