Colette Ellis

I’m an author, coach and public speaker on mindfulness, motivation, and workplace stress. As founder of InStep Consulting, I have traveled the globe facilitating personal growth and professional training for leaders from countries including Australia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, and Vietnam. Clients transform their lives and realize... (continued)

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Adrienne Rubin

Adrienne Rubin has over twenty-five years of experience in leadership development, strategic planning, management, marketing and analytics. She currently serves as the Treasurer and Director of Finance of the Give Something Back Foundation, a national nonprofit that provides mentors and scholarships to help Pell Grant-eligible students go to college and graduate... (continued)

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with 4Good

Nonprofit Boards & Effective Governance

Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

The nonprofit governing board has been described as an ineffective group of effective people. Why do nonprofits so broadly fail to use their boards wisely? And how might they do better? This webinar will touch upon a comprehensive range of issues in a way that will be relevant to almost every... (continued)


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The ABCs of Building Better Boards

Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

It's as easy as ABC to create a well-functioning board of directors! Well, maybe not exactly easy, but this fast-paced webinar will share practical ways to Aquire, Build, and Celebrate to recruit, manage and reward the best board members. Starting with recruitment, we'll look at important tools that will help you... (continued)

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Board Development Plan: The Board of Our Dreams

This concept paper explores:
•The reasons why board members lose their enthusiasm and why they fail
•Twelve key components of ongoing board development
•The competencies of an effective board
•Ways to recruit, orient, educate, and recognize boards members
•How to establish a comprehensive and ongoing board... (continued)

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Free Nonprofit Board Training Videos ~ Discover Ways To Build The Board You've Always Wanted with Rodney D. Walker, MBA

It’s my pleasure to offer these free nonprofit board training to you.

You will discover…

-Why So Many Nonprofit Boards Suck And The 3 Biggest Reasons Some Never Change (trust me…you want to see this)

-5 Essential Steps For Changing Your Board That Sucks Into One... (continued)

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Delegation illustrated to show the processes of clear, effective, accountable delegation that is essential to supporting pro-active management and governance.


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Board Tune-up Kit

The Board Tune-up Kit consists of guided discussions that will help your board better fulfill its leadership and governance responsibilities.

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The Power of Coaching in Capacity Building

An increasing number of studies of nonprofit capacity, effectiveness and leadership are including coaching in their recommended steps to improve the flourishing of the sector. But what is coaching and how can it return a reasonable investment on the funds needed to do it. These slides are the outline of a webinar offered... (continued)

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Martha Pritchard Spear, CFRE

Martha Pritchard Spear, CFRE is a veteran fundraising professional with over 27 years experience developing relationships and raising money for nonprofit organizations. A methodical strategist, innovative thinker and inspiring leader, Martha delivers results including increased number of donors, larger average gifts, greater fund-raising income, new... (continued)

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Key Secrets to Inspiring Your Board to Fundraise

Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Are you sick and tired of board members who refuse to fundraise? Guess what? You can heal yourself and give a shot of much-needed energy to your volunteers, simply by learning these key secrets – and sharing them. That’s right! Just get inside your board members’ heads a bit, and you can change ‘reluctant’ to... (continued)

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