Business Management Essentials for Nonprofits: Further Your Mission by Tending to Your Business Needs

Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

501(c)(3). It's a tax status, not a business plan. But are you prepared to run the business of your nonprofit? Do you know the insurance you need? How to manage the HR needs of your staff? How to choose and manage vendors for... (continued)


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How To Create Eye-Catching Graphics For Your Nonprofit (Without Using Photoshop!)

Tue, Apr 01, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

There is no doubt that visuals are driving online communications in 2014. Our minds react differently to visual content. On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined. 42% of all Tumblr posts are photos. On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social... (continued)

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Lawrence Grodeska

Lawrence Grodeska is a Senior Product Manager at Accela, where he builds apps that are transforming how citizens interact with their communities and local governments. Prior to Accela, Lawrence built the content marketing program at the world’s platform for change,, and released the City and County of San Francisco‘s first mobile app which helped to... (continued)

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What Your Sponsors Really Want

Wed, May 14, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Are you trying to get more sponsorships for your next special event?

Would you like to step inside your sponsor's head and figure out exactly what they're thinking and what they want?

Take this webinar and learn more about what your sponsors really want.



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Mastering the Needs Section of Your Grant Proposal

Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

The needs section is the most important section of a grant proposal. If the need for your project is unclear, reviewers will be frustrated and your efforts (at both fundraising and implementation) are likely to fail.

This webinar, led by a grant writer with more than 20 years of experience, takes an... (continued)

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Advocacy and Lobbying: The Rules of the Road for Nonprofits

Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Involvement in public policy issues is a must for many nonprofits working to effectively implement their missions. But many nonprofits incorrectly believe that they are not permitted to lobby or that the rules are so complex that it is safer to just avoid it. In this webinar, we will show how the lobbying rules that apply to nonprofits can... (continued)

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Supercharge Your Fundraising Efforts With Content Marketing

Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

The growth of the Internet has given rise to a new discipline of online marketing: inbound marketing. Businesses and organizations who have mastered inbound marketing through content publishing are reaping vast dividends in the form of website traffic and conversions.

For nonprofits, there is a huge... (continued)


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What Business Execs Don’t Know—but Should—About Nonprofits

Business leaders play vital roles in the nonprofit sector – as board members, donors, partners, and even executives. In this article, 11 executives who have played leadership roles in both for-profits and nonprofits reveal the critical differences between the two, and suggest ways that business and nonprofit... (continued)

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Social Enterprise for Nonprofits - The Basics

Many nonprofits are moving beyond traditional grant funding and taking matters into their own hands by setting up social enterprises to generate earned income and move closer to long term sustainability. Aligning their social mission with earned income opportunities, nonprofits all over the country are making the leap;... (continued)

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Favorite Planning Quotes

Favorite planning quotes culled from one year of responses on my LinkedIn Group - STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR NONPROFITS

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The Sharing Entity offering such Paid Content hereby grants You a nonexclusive, personal, noncommercial, non-sublicenseable, non-transferable, limited right and license to view, use, display and adapt for... (continued)

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Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact

Many social enterprises focus on measuring the success of individual grants and nonprofit initiatives. This traditional approach to measuring results neglects the reality that no single organization alone can solve the scale of today's social challenges. This research highlights 20 social enterprises that... (continued)

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The Ask

The Ask

The Ask is the best tool available when crafting the specific way in which you ask your potential donor to give. In this booklet you'll find face-to-face, one-to-one strategies that must be a part of your annual campaign tactics. In doing so, you will be able to significantly increase your annual campaign results.


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Safe Haven Ministries

Motivated by Christ, our mission is to end domestic abuse.

Safe Haven Ministries, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, believes in a multi-faceted approach to solving the problem of domestic abuse in our community.

We offer confidential emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence; support... (continued)


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What's the secret to losing 1000 Twitter followers? Hint: It involves $10.

Many times nonprofits think that having a large following on social media will help them gain awareness. So, what happens when your boss buys 1,000 followers? Check this out and see!

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Messaging Toolkit

Use this kit to hone your words and make a greater impact.


New Year Planning: Start with your board

As 2014 gets underway, I wish every nonprofit a successful year in fulfilling your mission. And toward that end, a reminder: your fund development planning begins today.

When I beat the drum for long-term planning, as I consistently do, it’s not just about cultivating donors. Board ServiceIt’s also about considering who... (continued)

Taggedboard assessmentboard developmentnonprofits is the world's petition platform, empowering everyone to make the change that they want to see. also empowers organizations to build their movements using powerful tools that engage passionate supporters with their cause.


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The Single Best Way to Develop Leadership Skills

You might learn a great deal in school, but it’s doubtful that you’ll actually develop as a leader by reading a book or taking a course. The military is right about experiential development: People grow and become leaders by making a commitment to a cause, and having personal responsibility and accountability.

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Branding Toolkit

This kit is to help you find your cohesive brand personality.


Voting: The Least Powerful Technique To Promote Change

Part 1

The Voting Contradiction

Some will argue that the real source of political power, for most people, is their right to vote. Certainly after the disputed and close Presidential elections of 2000, 2004 and 2008, we know voting is important. I urge my clients to get their people registered. It’s the... (continued)

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4Good exists to empower nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.

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Web portal on Governments Contracting with Nonprofits

This site details problems and offers solutions to fix the current system of how state, local, and the federal government contracts with nonprofits to provide services in our communities, and how the overly complex procedures, as well as lack of timely payments to nonprofits, and failure to cover the full cost of services... (continued)

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