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Navigate through the 14 programs areas and browse their respective outcomes and indicators. Once you choose a program area of interest, or the more general common outcomes taxonomy, the screen will display a program description, an Outcomes Sequence Chart for that program area, and links to the program outcomes so you can view the outcome indicators.


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An Agenda for Action: Outcome Management for Nonprofit Organizations

This report represents an effort by nonprofit representatives, with a variety of perspectives in this diverse sector, to explore outcome measurement by nonprofit service providers and the use of the resulting information to better inform management of the programs.


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Preparing an Evaluation Scope of Work

Article describing what an evaluation scope of work (SOW) is, why it is important, and suggests methods of good SOW preparation.

Article describing what an evaluation scope of work (SOW) is, why it is important, and suggests methods of good SOW preparation.


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Qualitative Evaluation

Book demonstrates how evaluations using qualitative approaches may provide an understanding that more traditional quantitative approaches fail to. Sections include the foundations of evaluation and recent trends; evaluation and action programs; the process of evaluation (including design, data collection and... (continued)

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Measuring Program Outcomes

Article discussing how state-of-the-art evaluation methods can help nonprofits, and provides tips for measuring nonprofit outcomes.


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Collaboration: What Makes It Work

What makes the difference between your collaboration's failure or success? Collaboration: What Makes It Work, Second Edition answers this question with an up-to-date and in-depth review of collaboration research. This new edition also includes "The Collaboration Factors Inventory."


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Evaluation Review: A Journal of Applied Social Research

This journal provides a forum for researchers, planners and policymakers engaged in the development, implementation and utilization of evaluation studies. It also reflects a wide range of methodological and conceptual approaches to evaluation and its many applications.


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Maberry Consulting and Evaluations

Maberry's team of highly qualified evaluators, educators and administrators
develop systems to accurately assess the impact of your program,
solidly positioning it for audits, grantor reviews – and ultimately for
future funding.

Their insight into measuring — and improving — clients’ effectiveness
has been gained as the... (continued)

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Thinking about Evaluating Your Program? These Strategies Will Get You Started

Article assisting those with little or no experience in program evaluation. Covers identifying and documenting the outcomes, activities, and indicators to be evaluated; assessing the quantity and quality of the program's achievements.


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Evaluation Design: Methodological Approach and Sampling

Tutorial describing how to plan and conduct an outcomes evaluation. It explains how to decide what data to collect and how to choose a sampling methodology for that data.


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Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation (PARE)

Journal providing education professionals access to refereed articles with a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice, especially at the local education agency (LEA) level.


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The NGO Café

The NGO Cafe is a meeting place for NGOs to discuss, debate and disseminate information on their work, strategies and results. NGOs searching for partners can also list their requests.


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Surveys Conducting on the Web

Article explains advantages and disadvantages of conducting online surveys/evaluations. Advantages: Lower costs and increased response rate. Disadvantages: Technical support and privacy issues.


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Reporting Cube Template

Are you looking for more interesting ways to share results from a program evaluation? Check out this Evaluation Reporting Cube we have designed. You can print out and customize your own using our template here. The cube sits on stakeholders' desks to serve as a constant reminder to use an evaluation's findings.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

The Sharing... (continued)

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Integrated Monitoring: A Practical Manual for Organisations that Want to Achieve Results

The manual aims at taking the fear out of monitoring and at showing that it is easier than many people think. To that end, it has been written in a story-telling style, avoiding technical jargon and instead using analogies, real-life examples, and illustrations. It allows... (continued)

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Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact

Many social enterprises focus on measuring the success of individual grants and nonprofit initiatives. This traditional approach to measuring results neglects the reality that no single organization alone can solve the scale of today's social challenges. This research highlights 20 social enterprises that... (continued)

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Evidence of Change: Exploring Civic Engagement Evaluation

This report offers a look into how organizations currently view their relationship with impact measurement and then presents a brief summary of the key findings that came out of the Civic Engagement Evaluation Summit convened by the partner organizations.


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Impact Measurement Framework

Based on The Center for What Works and The Urban Institute's research to provide sector-wide framework for nonprofit program outcomes and indicators for success, this tool allows you to create a custom framework to articulate your mission/impact statement for your program/organization and then identify the outcomes that define success... (continued)

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Leap of Reason: Managing Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity

Book for both nonprofits and their funders expanding on the importance of developing an outcome measurement-based outlook in nonprofit management.


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Critical Issues #15: Strategic Action

Strategic planning is about organizational development and focused action. In this essay we look at how to create action items that will advance strategy and mission.


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Nonprofit Organizational Assessment Survey

This assessment tool can be used to ensure a strong foundation for adding a program or making a major organizational change; do an internal analysis as part of strategic planning; develop an understanding regarding what needs to be done; assess how your nonprofit compares to what many nonprofit experts suggest as standards for nonprofits.


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Developing Community-wide Outcome Indicators for Specific Services

This guide focuses on how local community funders and service providers can work together to develop a common core set of indicators that each provider would regularly collect data on. As the guide notes, the suggestions provided should also be useful to service providers in a community who... (continued)

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Using Outcome Information: Making Data Pay Off

This guide offers practical advice to help other nonprofits take full advantage of outcome data, identifying a variety of ways to use the data and describing specific methods for pursuing each use. It is a valuable tool for ensuring that outcome measurement fulfills the promise of helping organizations increase their effectiveness and... (continued)

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