Staging Strategic Planning Retreats

As the facilitator for a retreat, your job begins well before the group arrives at the site. Retreats are most effective
if they are considered a process in a continuum, not an event, and you want the process to evoke passion as well as a
product. To accomplish that, consider the retreat in three stages: pre-retreat planning,... (continued)

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Staging your nonprofit strategic planning

The primary benefit of the planning process is the process itself, not a plan. It is essential to put energy and effort into planning your process. The four questions you want to answer: Where are we? Where do we want to be in the future? What part of the status quo do we need to change to get us where we want to be in... (continued)

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Connecting Your Vision and Your Values with Your Grantmaking

Being a thoughtful and wise grantmaking partner is a deliberate process. There are many important components to creating the change you want to see in the world and making the vision of your organization come to life. The eight steps presented are part of the work for any size... (continued)

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High Functioning Teams

A high functioning staff has the consciousness, will, and integrity to act sustainably. Leaders and all team members must create the safety for people to say, “Is this the most efficient way for us to work? Are we respecting our own time and the time of our colleagues? Are we treating ourselves well so we can be vibrant ambassadors for this work?"

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7 Clairification Keys to Unlock Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Potential

Fundraising doesn't happen in a vacuum. You can't simply hire a development staffer, put them in a corner and ask them to go off and "make it so." Not going to happen. Why? Fundraising is a team contact sport!

Everyone in the organization, staff and volunteers alike, must understand their... (continued)


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