Staging Strategic Planning Retreats

As the facilitator for a retreat, your job begins well before the group arrives at the site. Retreats are most effective
if they are considered a process in a continuum, not an event, and you want the process to evoke passion as well as a
product. To accomplish that, consider the retreat in three stages: pre-retreat planning,... (continued)

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Strategy Framework

Concise framework for communicating organizational vision, mission, aims and strategic priorities.

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Mastering Self Motivation: Help Your Nonprofit Reach its Wildest Goal

Self-motivation, the ability to cajole yourself into doing your most important priorities, is an incredibly valuable tool in your nonprofit success toolkit. When we stop to think, we recognize that what keeps us from doing our priorities is not urgent matters, but a willpower shortage. We need... (continued)

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Staging your nonprofit strategic planning

The primary benefit of the planning process is the process itself, not a plan. It is essential to put energy and effort into planning your process. The four questions you want to answer: Where are we? Where do we want to be in the future? What part of the status quo do we need to change to get us where we want to be in... (continued)

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Connecting Your Vision and Your Values with Your Grantmaking

Being a thoughtful and wise grantmaking partner is a deliberate process. There are many important components to creating the change you want to see in the world and making the vision of your organization come to life. The eight steps presented are part of the work for any size... (continued)

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Linda Nicholson

Background: Serenic Corporation is a Microsoft Industry Solutions Developer. Our mission is to provide highly functional software solutions for organizations in the Not-For-Profit, international NGO or Public Sectors. Serenic is a public company with offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Lakewood, Colorado and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada under the... (continued)

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STRATEGIC VISIONING PROCESS diagram by Grove Consulting

This essay and 26 others are part of a suite of strategic planning essays for the National Endowment for the Arts' Advancement Program, commissioned and edited by Morrie Warshawski ( for a toolkit called LESSONS LEARNED (which was dismantled in 2013).

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7 Clairification Keys to Unlock Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Potential

Fundraising doesn't happen in a vacuum. You can't simply hire a development staffer, put them in a corner and ask them to go off and "make it so." Not going to happen. Why? Fundraising is a team contact sport!

Everyone in the organization, staff and volunteers alike, must understand their... (continued)


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