Traveling Beijing And Its Highlighted Festivals (0 items)

Beijing, the capital of China, is also the cultural center of China. What makes Beijing unique compare to its neighboring Asian countries is that they have a calendar of festivals and holidays throughout the year. Most of Chinese festivals are scheduled based on the lunar calendar. Hence, dates will differ from year to... (continued)



Top 3 Must See Places in Coron Palawan (0 items)

Coron, being the 3rd largest island in Calamian Islands, the northern part of Palawan has an innate natural beauty that will delight the eyes of travelers with its awe-inspiring natural rock formation, aquamarine colored beaches and peaceful vibe that reveals the soul of this island paradise. Showcasing the best of both worlds... (continued)



Top social media scams to avoid in 2016 - Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions (0 items)

Nowadays, almost everyone is vulnerable in the virtual world and it's not surprising that scammers often target victims in social media sites. The power of social media is massive these days because there are billions of people using social... (continued)


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Mission and Strategic Direction (3 items)

Nonprofits engage in strategic thinking as a continuous process that drives organizational success. Board leadership thinks deliberately about its mission, values and vision, considering how to operate effectively, stay relevant and achieve sustainability.


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