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5 Tips for Great Nonprofit Marketing

1. Have a strategy before you start. For everything that you need to consider when developing marketing materials, read Numa Communications' easy-to-use Nonprofit Publications That Get Results: 6 Steps for Creating Highly Effective Marketing Collateral Regardless of Your Budget .

2. Consider your audience. Make... (continued)

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Make Collaborations Work at Your Nonprofit

Meaningful social impact needs to go beyond your nonprofit. Learn how to collaborate with other organizations with these tools shared on 4Good.

First, explore the different ways you can work with other organizations. Read Kylie Hutchinson's Rethinking Collaboration different suggestions.

If you're not sure... (continued)


Cultivating the Next Generation

How are you ensuring your organization's longevity? One strategy is making sure that the next generation is ready. Use these tools shared on 4Good.org to reach across the generation gap.

Communication breakdown is often sited as a challenge to engaging younger staff and supporters. Read... (continued)

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Leadership tips for all of us

No matter where you are in your nonprofit career, developing leadership skills can help your career and your organization. This week, try to implement just one tip from these resources shared on 4Good.org .

For up-and-coming leaders:

  • Form strong professional relationships. Read Tuti Scott's ... (continued)

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Student Guide to Networking

This guide is for job seekers who want more support in networking. It is written with examples for students, as they often face challenges translating volunteer experience and paid employment of a different type into entry level professional positions. This can be used by any job seeker.


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Cover Letter Builder

This free resource is designed to help job seekers write effective cover letters quickly, it also works for resumes.

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Building Capacity for Collective Impact through Partner Mapping Part 1

This resource introduces a method of identifying partners who have a shared goal. Part 1 is free, Part 2 is all the tools you'll need and is for sale on this site.

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Building Capacity for Collective Impact through Partner Mapping Part 2:

Part 1 is a free resource. For those really interested in doing this, you get all the tools, worksheets, and forms you'll need.


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Assessing Readiness for Collective Impact

This document is a brief overview on how a group can assess itself on several readiness factors related to Collective Impact

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Targeted Capacity Building: Tools and Strategies for Getting the Right Fit

Handouts and presentation by Cassandra O'Neill, Wholonomy Consulting, from the Alliance for Nonprofit Management's 2013 National Conference

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