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Grantwriter's FastTrack Essentials

Facilitated by veteran grantwriter Dalya Massachi, Grantwriter’s FastTrack Essentials is a unique, hands-on opportunity to develop or refresh your grantwriting skills. We’ll cover a wide range of topics concerning the strategy and craft of grantwriting to foundations, corporations, and other grantors.

Grantwriter's FastTrack... (continued)


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Building More Respectful Dialogue in Meetings

Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Dialogue builds more insightful and better supported decisions in meetings. Effective dialogue requires a respectful exchange of views. But this can be difficult when the issue is complex and there are different stakes in its resolution. Resorting to meeting norms or asking people to behave in a certain way is seldom... (continued)

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Trouble finding the right skills for the job?

Learn how to be creative in meeting your staffing requirements, getting what you can out of the labor market and filling in the blanks with corresponding strategies and tactics.

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The Hour Series Training Modules: #1-14

Includes all 14 of the Hour Series training modules: board development, community problem solving, ED performance review, financial management, management excellence, marketing, nonprofit start-up, outcomes measurements, personnel management, program evaluation, resource development, risk management,... (continued)


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Volunteer Development Training Module

Includes everything needed to train board and staff on the recruitment, training, recognition and dismissal of all types of volunteers in a nonprofit. Included are: Power Point, sample agenda, instructor notes, relevant Hour Series guides, sample handouts.


Taggedvolunteer developmenteffective meetingsvolunteer recruitmentvolunteer trainingvolunteer recognitionvolunteer dismissal

Strategic Planning Training Module

Based on the award-winning Hour Series guide, "The Six-Hour Strategic Plan," the module is ideal for the small to mid-sized nonprofit new to strategic planning. Includes: Power Point, sample agenda, instructor notes, handouts, and the Hour Series guide.


Taggedstrategic planningassessment

Risk Management Training Module

This updated version includes cyber security and other risk management issues. Ideal for training boards and staff on critical issues, the module includes: Power Point, sample agenda, instructor notes, sample handouts and the relevant Hour Series guide.


Taggedrisk managementCyber Securitydisaster planninginsuranceabuse prevention

Resource Development Training Module

Based on the premise that no more than 20% of funding should come from any single source, the training module looks at various ways to evaluate fundraising and other resource development strategies. Included are: Power Point, instructor notes, sample agenda, handouts and the relevant Hour Series guide.


Taggedfund raisingfundraisingresource development

Program Evaluation Training Module

Although the program evaluation is included in the outcomes measurements training module, this module focuses exclusively on the development of program evaluation strategies for new and existing programs. Includes: Power Point, instructor notes, sample agenda, handouts and guide.


Taggedevaluationprogram evaluation

Personnel Management Training Module

Legal and effective policies and procedures for human resources management are essential for any nonprofit. Ideal for board, staff and consultants of small to mid-sized nonprofits, this training module includes Power Point, instructor notes, agenda, sample handouts, and relevant Hour Series guides.


Taggedhuman resources managementpersonnel managementstaff

Outcomes Measurements Training Module

Donors want results, not statistics. This training module will help staff, board members and consultants understand how to develop and implement an outcomes measurements strategies for all programs. Included are: Power Point, instructor notes, handouts, sample agenda, and relevant Hour Series Guides.


Taggedoutcomes measurementsprogram evaluations

Nonprofit Start-up Training Module

The high rate of failures for start-up nonprofits would be greatly diminished if this training module were used to educate individuals before they file their 501(c)3. The module includes the relevant Hour Series guides (two), a Power Point, instructor notes, sample handouts and a sample agenda.


Taggedstarting a nonprofitnonprofit start up

Marketing Training Module

Whether it is training on building brand identity or how to develop a marketing plan, this training module will help the beginner or the experienced staff person or consultant. Included in the module is the relevant Hour Series guide, a Power Point, sample agenda and sample handouts.


Taggedmarketing planbranding

Management Excellence Training Module

A great resource for managers at all levels, but especially for executive directors of small to mid-sized nonprofits, the module includes a Power Point, the relevant Hour Series guide, a sample agenda, and sample handouts.


Taggedmanagementtime managementleadership training

Financial Management Training Module

Especially helpful for small nonprofits wanting to make sure their financial management policies and procedures meet basic standards of accountability, the training module is helpful for staff, board and consultants. It includes: a Power Point, instructor notes, an Hour Series guide, and sample handouts.


Taggedfinancial managementaccounting

Executive Director Performance Review Training Module

The module is helpful for boards or consultants looking for guidance on developing a proven performance review strategy for nonprofit executive directors. Included are: Power Point, instructor notes, sample agenda, handouts and relevant Hour Series guides.


Taggedexecutive director performance review

Community Problem Solving Training Module

Based on a proven community problem solving strategy for small communities, the training module provides step by step directions for the development and implementation of a two-day conference. Included in the module are: Power Point, sample agenda, handouts, and the relevant Hour Series guide.


Taggedcommunity problem solvingconferencecapacity buildingneeds assessmentresource assessment

Board Development Training Module

Ideal for consultants or anyone interested in providing training for governing boards of nonprofits, the module includes a Power Point, sample agendas, handouts, instructors notes and the relevant Hour Series guides. The training module has been field tested with many different sizes and types of nonprofits.


Taggedboard trainingboard development

Standards for International NGOs

Developed by an online group of NGO professionals from 14 countries, these standards and guidelines are designed to help all types and sizes of NGOs increase their capacity by improving their infrastructure, based on standard benchmarks in all aspects of management.

Taggedmanagement standardsbenchmarks

The Two-Hour Resource Development Assessment

Effective fundraising for nonprofits is about multiple sources of funding. This guide looks at the pros and cons of various funding strategies and how to evaluate them.


Taggedfund raisingresource development

The Eight-Hour Outcomes Measurements Process

Donors want results, not statistics. A research-based, outcomes measurements process for all programs will not only increase funding, but improve client results.


Taggedoutcomes measurement

The One-Hour Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is critical in order to assure wise use of donor gifts and provable outcomes measurements. The guide provides samples and directions for a simplified evaluation process.


Taggedprogram evaluation

The Two-Hour Marketing Plan

Developing a brand identity, and then developing a marketing plan can have a positive impact on resource development for any nonprofit. This guide provides step by step directions for both.


Taggedmarketing planbranding

The Six-Hour Community Problem Solving Conference

Based on an actual conference, this guide provides step by step directions for developing a community problem-solving conference. Ideal for small communities, this type of conference can increase collaboration and improve outcomes measurements.

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity building

The One-Hour Meeting

Long, boring, and unproductive meetings can be destructive. This guide provides simple suggestions on how to increase the productivity of meetings while decreasing their length.


Taggedboard meetingseffective meetings

The Four-Hour Volunteer Development Process

Nonprofits depend on volunteers: board members, committee members, and program volunteers. Yet few nonprofits have formalized policies and procedures for the recruitment, training, recognition and dismissal of all types of volunteers. This guide provides examples.


Taggedvolunteer development

The Two-Hour Board Training

The critical nature of their legal governance responsibilities, and their relationship with the executive director, requires that board members be trained. This guide provides step by step directions for a variety of board development strategies. The updated version includes an expanded section of various governance structures.


Taggedboard trainingboard development

The Eight-Hour Excellent Manager

The challenge for any manager of a nonprofit is how to be effective with limited resources. The guide provides practical and proven strategies that will insure the manager covers all aspects of nonprofit management efficiently and effectively.


Taggedchief executive officermanagement

The Four-Hour Personnel Management Assessment

The critical nature of personnel management requires solid and legal policies and procedures for recruitment, recognition, training, review and dismissal of all staff. The guide includes proven examples, as well as a sample employee handbook.


Taggedhuman resources / personnel

The Two-Hour Financial Management Assessment

The guide provides detailed checklists and sample policies and procedures for developing comprehensive financial controls, including board oversight.


Taggedfinancial management

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