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Based on the study, there are a number of health benefits in pet ownership. It is proven to give mental, physical and emotional improvement as well as decreasing a person’s risk of heart attack. No wonder, a large number of the world’s population is fond of having a pet by their side. However, owning a pet comes with a serious long-term responsibility. It requires time, money and love to ensure that their health and well-being is in good condition at all times. They deserved to be treated well and cared for.

To make sure that your pet will receive the best possible care they deserved, bring him to a veterinarian. A veterinarian will ensure that your pet will grow perfectly healthy and happy and will furnish advice on how you can efficiently take care of your pet at home.

For an excellent professional care and client friendly service, visit the facility of South Bellmore Veterinary Group to avoid getting scammed on high maintenance fees compared to other clinic. It is a full-service animal hospital situated on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island NY. They can examine and treat all types of animals except for venomous snakes. Dr. Jenna Dale is their exotic animal doctor which provides a 25% service discount to all clients coming every Wednesday.

You can rely on SBVG for a wide range of veterinary service: dental cleaning, eye and ear treatment, vaccinations, check-ups, diagnosing and treating common pet diseases and illnesses. General and orthopedic surgeries are performed by their experienced veterinary surgeons headed by Dr. Robert Foley.

In the event that your pet friend became seriously ill, bring them immediately to South Bellmore Veterinary Group to receive the proper medical care and treatment your pet needs. Our friendly and courteous staffs will attentively assist you with your concerns, rest-assured that your pet is in good hands because we treat every pet as if our own.

To know more about our team and the services we offer, visit our website. You can also look for our sister practice, East Meadow Veterinary Clinic. Get the highest veterinary care from us!

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