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State of Evaluation 2010: Evaluation Practice and Capacity in the Nonprofit Sector

The 2010 report is the first in a series of biennial research reports on the state of evaluation practice and capacity in the nonprofit sector. Headline findings include: 85% of organizations evaluated their work; 50% of organizations have a logic model; 76% of organizations... (continued)

State of Evaluation Project: Evaluation Practice and Capacity in the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofits hear a lot of talk about evaluation these days—metrics and measurements, indicators and impact, efficiency and effectiveness. Everyone seems to want evaluation results. But there was a big knowledge gap around evaluation practice: What are nonprofits really doing to... (continued)

Innovation Network, Inc..

Innovation Network is a nonprofit evaluation, research, and consulting firm. We provide knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits and funders learn from their work to improve their results.