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25 Tips for Evaluating (And Writing) Successful Technology Grant Proposals

This manual is written for grant evaluators in various issue areas trying to make sense of technology grant proposals they receive as well as non-profit grant wirters trying to solicit support for their proposals. the ICT challenges and tips presented cut across issue areas and are valid... (continued)

Taggedgrant writingtechnologyproposalphilanthropyictgrant evaluationgrant proposal evaluationproposal writinggrant proposalproposal evaluation

Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

This Web site offers an international network of social innovators that are committed to promoting social innovation and growing the capacity of the field.


Taggedprogramnonprofit managementleadershipexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEO

Facebook Fan Page Best Practices

Facebook fan pages have become immensely popular for companies and organizations. They love using pages to communicate with their stakeholders. The following eight suggestions will optimize your fan page to create the most vibrant community possible (for more tips also be sure to check out Facebook’s best practices page, too):


Taggedmarketing / brandinginternet marketingadministrative

Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Social Media Strategy

This article discusses why social media should be used in conjunction with an organizational strategy as opposed to simply trying out each avenue like Twitter and Facebook individually. It goes on to explain successful social media models and where to get started.


Taggednonprofit managementmarketing / brandingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOadvertising / promotion

The Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips

This article offers tips to optimize your Twitter's search engine optimization such as choosing a good handle, selecting an account name, writing a good bio, and spreading the word.


Taggednonprofit managementmarketing / brandinginternet marketingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOadministrative

Eight Secrets of Effective Online Networking

This article hits on topics related to running a successful social marketing campaign, highlighting areas such as time management between sites, testing Web sites out, and establishing a writing routine.


Taggedsocial networkingnonprofit managementmarketing / brandinginternet marketingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEO

Three Different Approaches to Twitter Fundraising: Bees, Turkeys, and Blame

This article discusses fundraising on Twitter via sponsored tweets/hashtags, spreading person to person asks, and tweet meet give. It goes on to explain what and how these methods are used to raise money.


Taggednonprofit managementmarketing / brandinginternet marketingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOadministrative

Seven Tips for Measuring Success of Your Blog

This article explains how to assess your blog's content and analytics based growth, engagement index, bookmarking, conversation rate, industry index and page views.


Taggedadministrativeinternet marketingmarketing / branding

The Marketing Process

This article provides an overview of the marketing process with brief explanations of situation analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix decisions, and implementation and control.


Taggedmarketing planmarketing strategymarketing and communicationssituation analysisplanningnonprofit managementmarketing plansmarketing / brandingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity building

Get Read: A guide to making reader-friendly publications

This simple, illuminating booklet shows you how to make a
publication which speaks to your audience in a language
they’ll really understand. It contains: An easy guide to planning and writing a ‘reader friendly' publication; A simplified guide to graphic design, especially for those
starting their own... (continued)

Taggednewslettersmarketing and communicationseffective newslettersleafletswritten and oral communicationsexecutiveadvertising / promotionmarketing / branding

Focus Groups: A Step-By-Step Guide

For those who want to listen and learn from employees and customer groups within an organization, using group interviews, this is a basic guide. It provides sample agendas, checklists, and a case study. Roles and tasks of all those responsible for conducting focus groups are described. A new chapter on the use of the... (continued)

Taggedmarketingfundraisingdonor managementdonor relationsmarketing and communicationsplanningnonprofit managementmarketing / brandingexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity building

Human Resources & Training Articles

A variety of links to human resource information on a variety of topics including: All subjects Management & Leadership; Sales & marketing; Change Management & Innovation; Strategy & International Business; Human Resources & Training; Knowledge Management; Health Care Management; Accounting, Finance & E-Business;... (continued)

Taggedhuman resourcesadministrativehuman resources / personnel

Data Sources for GIS

GIS data sources and what to look for when mapping data, These materials may be used for study, research, and education in not-for-profit applications.


Taggedtechnologyprograminternet and the webgis database

Workforce Issues in the Nonprofit Sector Generational leadership change and diversity

significant amount of research has focused upon the state of the nonprofit sector workforce in recent years. Scholarly and practical publications concerning nonprofit and philanthropic studies have offered numerous accounts of nonprofit workforce and human resource issues.... (continued)

Taggednonprofit managementleadershipleader deficitexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOleadership deficitexecutive turn overleadership gap

AFP Guidance: Fundraising in a Difficult Economy

In response to member concerns and questions about how charities and fundraisers should be responding to the current fundraising environment, AFP has developed some suggested best practices, tips and guidelines to maximize fundraising efforts and position organizations for future success.


Taggednonprofit managementfundraising / fund developmentexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOfundraising

How Five Trends Will Reshape the Social Sector

This report identifies key trends of the nonprofit sector and core competencies of nonprofits best suited to thrive in our new economic reality. It highlights how demographic shifts, technology, networks and interest in civic engagement are changing and how nonprofits can best take advantage.


Taggednonprofit managementhistory / trendsexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOabout nonprofitsleadershippartnershipsmanagement and workforce developmenttools and technologies

Financial Crisis: 10 Smart Things Your Board Can Do Now

How your board reacts to the financial crisis can go a long toward ensuring that your organization remains solvent. Barry Gaberman, board chair of BoardSource, presents a to-do list that will help you lead your organization through these tough times. Paid BoardSource membership required to view full article.


Taggedrisk managementfinancial managementexecutiveboardfinancialcrisis

The Nonprofit Hard Times Survival Guide

How do you keep your nonprofit financially stable when the economy has the jitters and donors have cold feet? Weathering a bad economy should not send your nonprofit skittering to the bunkers, but it should sharpen your focus and improve your efficiencies. Here are several suggestions to consider for the economic bad... (continued)

Taggedphilosophynonprofit survival guidenonprofit managementexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingCEOadministrativeabout nonprofits

Steps Board Members Can Take in a Downturn

Nonprofit board members are asking what they should do – specifically to help organizations navigate the economic mess. BoardSource recently published Facing the Financial Crisis: 10 Smart Things Your Board Can Do Now. The article offers a solid, strategic perspective for boards. I have some supplemental words of... (continued)

Taggedroles and responsibilitiesother executiveexecutivedecision-makingboard of directors

Casa Cornelia Law Center Code of Ethics

The project is a code of ethics for Casa Cornelia Law Center (CCLC) that outlines the ethical principles that reflects its values and the manner in which the board, staff, and volunteers are expected to carry out the organization's mission and conduct their work. To accompany the Code, a three-year implementation plan was... (continued)

Taggedimplementationuniversitieshigher educationexecutiveeducationaccountabilitysocial responsibilitycode of ethics


Action Without Borders connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. AWB is independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed. Our work is guided by the common desire of our members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental... (continued)

Taggedspecific facilities (signagevolunteerrecruitment

Volunteer Toolkit: Practical Equipment for Effective Volunteer Management

Toolkit featuring articles, printable forms and resource lists to help faith-based volunteer managers recruit, train, inform and equip volunteers for successful volunteer work.

Toolkit featuring articles, printable forms and resource lists to help faith-based volunteer managers... (continued)

Taggedmanagmentvolunteerpolicy volunteer issuesmembership management

Volunteer Management Certificate Program

Online, noncredit program offering courses to teach social services agencies, nonprofit organizations and community groups how to manage their volunteers more effectively. The courses offer practical exercises and feedback from faculty.

Online, noncredit program offering courses to teach social services agencies,... (continued)

Taggedmanagmentvolunteerpolicy volunteer issuesmembership management

A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders

An online tutorial for volunteer leaders to use in sharpening their skills in leadership, program management, voluntarism, communication, and learning-teaching techniques.

An online tutorial for volunteer leaders to use in sharpening their skills in leadership, program management, voluntarism, communication, and... (continued)

Taggedmanagmentvolunteerpolicy volunteer issuesmembership management

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