Keys to Cultural Competency: A Literature Review for Evaluators of Recent Immigrant and Refugee Service Programs in Colorado Edit Title

Published by The Colorado Trust (2002)
A multitude of programs have started in response to the growing needs of the immigrant and refugee population in the United States today--a population that numbers almost 30 million, or one in 10 individuals residing in the US. The programs offer services such as language and life skills training, physical and mental health care, counseling, legal and tax assistance. This guide by REFT Institute, Inc., informs evaluators where and how to locate, understand, and use resources to evaluate immigrant and refugee programs. The focus is on the feasibility of quantifiable outcome assessments of services for immigrants and refugees.

The Colorado Trust - Publications

To help inform the work of achieving access to health, The Colorado Trust regularly produces program and evaluation reports, a newsletter and an Annual Report.

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