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Dental disease is an infection caused by bacteria accumulated in teeth, gums and its surrounding structures, if left untreated, it can enter the blood stream and silently kills the cells of your pet’s vital organs. Some factors that contribute to the development of dental disease are: age, genetics, chewing behaviors, diet, general health and dental hygiene.

The degree of infection may vary, you might not notice but your pet may be one of many possessing this kind of problem. Some of the symptoms are: bleeding gums, bad breath, drooling, loss of appetite, irritability, difficulty eating and loose or missing teeth.

If you believe that your pet may have been suffering from a dental disease or in order to prevent it, bring your pet to a veterinarian for dental examination. If your veterinarian suspects a development of a dental disease, a procedure will take place that will completely inspect the teeth and gums of your pet. During this procedure, your pet's teeth will be scaled to remove calculus and plaque build-up, cleaned and polished. Oftentimes, extractions are performed for teeth that cannot be saved and the source of infection. Anesthetic monitoring is provided by some animal practice like South Bellmore Veterinary Group for dental procedures while under anesthesia. They are also equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher and a high-speed drill for efficient dental cleaning. Visit their animal practice located on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island NY.

At home dental care is the best way to keep your pet's teeth healthy. Brush their teeth twice daily to minimize bacteria, there are animal approved flavored toothpaste available in local pet stores that can help you to ease the process of tooth brushing your pet. Moreover, take your pet for a regular dental check-up and schedule annual cleanings. Please talk to our team, South Bellmore Veterinary Group for advises and dental procedures to make your pet's teeth healthy and prolong his quality life.

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