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The R1 - R2 - R3 Range of boilers are constructed of high grade cast iron sections of unique modern design. The elliptical shape of the combustion chamber exploits the radiant heat from the flame. The gases in the lower flue ways have imparted to them a cross rotational turbulent action before entering the top flue way. Transfer of heat to water is very efficient.

  1. Easy & adequate access for servicing.
  2. A Boiler of most robust construction.
  3. Durability, economy & reliability.
  4. Compact dimensions relative to output.
  5. Durable high quality finish.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing design.

The R1 - R2 - R3 Series are delivered with boiler body completely assembled with push nipples and pressure tested including thermostat and thermostat pocket.

Max temperature of 205

Max. W.P. water PSI 50

Min. relief valve capacity MBH 1,048.3

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