How to set up your Organization to Succeed - Change your focus, change your life. Edit Title

Imagine These 12 Changing Results: You may want to stop and Print This Page Out to check off the results that would make the biggest difference for you.

How would your organization (and lifestyle) change, if...

  1. You Bring In More Money and Give Away More Money (it's not what you bring in, it's what you give.)
  2. You Have More Time and Energy to Be With Family and Friends (and that hobby that you can never get to)
  3. You Draw Affluent Prospects To You Using the Fastest and Most Ethical Methods (even while you're away from the business... you only have a business if systems are doing the work)
  4. You Close Better Donors (you learn the language and metaphors they respond to)
  5. You Save Money Instantly As You Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Marketing (brochures, mailings, websites, etc.)
  6. You Rise Above Every Competitor In Your Area Through Your Niche (it's really quite easy once you know how)
  7. You Brand Yourself As THE Charity Of Choice. (learn what donors are searching for on the internet and how to be positioned as the "clear choice")
  8. You Stop Losing Great Donors By Using Yesterday's "Techniques" (techniques that actually turn really great people OFF)
  9. You Double Your Personal Output (you can't clone yourself, yet you can double your results so easily it will shock you)
  10. You Double Your Staff's Results (imagine your entire team focused on the most important priorities even when you are not there)
  11. You Explode Your Personal Confidence (using the mindsets that professional champions use to bring your best performance to every high-dollar situation)
  12. You Create Lasting Relationships With Others Who Are On The True Path To Mastery (you will become lifetime friends and network with really cool people)

Just by listening you will walk away with instantly useable content, so take the time to listen to the entire presentation.

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