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Yearning to Educate Somebody LLC

The purpose of Yearning to Educate Somebody is to provide awareness and education regarding HIV/AIDS. The goal of Y.E.S.,LLC is to increase knowledge about HIV/AIDS and empower individuals to be more responsible concerning their sexual health.


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Marilyn Donnellan, MS, Author & Consultant

Nonprofit CEO and consultant for more than 30 years, beginning with a single-staff nonprofit and ending with a $6 million nonprofit. Consultant and trainer for local, state and national organizations. B.A. in Human Resources Management and M.S. in Administration. Author of "Core Elements of a Successful Nonprofit," "The Hour Series of... (continued)

Montana Nonprofit Association

The Montana Nonprofit Association is a membership organization that promotes a stronger nonprofit sector in Montana through public policy, affordable products and services, organizational development, research and information sharing, and network building.


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