The Case for a Generalist: A Nonprofit’s MVP Edit Title

Nonprofit teams need a seasoned player that can go wide and play different positions as an organization evolves, says Sue Dahling Sullivan, the chief of staff/chief strategic officer of Citi Performing Arts. Here she shares just how important a generalist—someone who has a diverse skill set and who can draw from a variety of professional experiences—can be to a nonprofit’s team.

The Case for a Generalist: A Nonprofit's MVP

Those who know me might (rightly) be concerned about a title hinting at a sports metaphor. But emboldened after attending a recent leadership and strategy conference, I am more convinced than ever that strategy is a team sport for nonprofits, and those nonprofits that recruit Generalists, individuals who can play a variety of roles, to their organizations often are better positioned for success when trying to fulfill their strategic plans.

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