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Electricity Payment Scam Targets Texas Consumers

A scam targeting Texas electricity consumers appears to be on the rise, and consumers throughout the state should be on the alert for suspicious calls. According to recent Houston area news reports, the fraudulent activity targets both residential and commercial electricity customers and has been increasing in frequency in recent weeks. The scam is especially concerning because it involves individuals posing as representatives of Spark Energy and other Texas retail energy providers in order to obtain consumer debit account numbers or payments via money order or prepaid debit cards. Once the information is taken by the caller, the energy company is not paid and the caller keeps the cash.

Be on the Alert

The scam centers around phone calls made to electricity consumers who are told their bill is past-due and their electricity will be disconnected if they don’t make immediate payment. Payment is demanded via money order or prepaid debit cards.

What Should You Do if You Receive a Suspicious Call?

Spark Energy does contact customers about their accounts, but you should be on alert if someone claiming to be from Spark Energy or a company working on our behalf asks you to pay in an unusual method such as money order or prepaid debit cards.

If you suspect you’re the target of a fraudulent call, hang up without providing any payment or identifying information to the caller. Spark Energy customer service is available at 877-54-SPARK to provide information about your account status. We encourage customers with any concerns to call us directly to confirm the identity of a caller before making payments.

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