Cyber Security: Eir customers targeted in email scam as crooks steal credit card information Edit Title


Internet crooks are targeting Eir customers in a scam for money to spend on ebay.

A badly spelt email pretending to come from the phone company is hitting inboxes across the country.

It asks people to update their credit card details within 24 hours or risk losing phone or broadband service.

An security expert says there is no way to tell how many people have got the email but people could be cheated out of thousands.

Urban Schrott, Cybercrime Analyst at ESET Ireland said: “With online fraud
it’s a game of numbers.

“Whether they target 1 million, 2 million or 10 million, if it scams 5% of those then they profit.”

The emails are coming from an account based in the US but Mr Schrott says those responsible could be from anywhere in the world.

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