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Devin consultants is an independent globally-recognized ISO 9001 firm which delivers top-quality design and engineering expertise in pool and spa projects, which include the following specific works:

• Pool tanks

• Ice skating rinks

• Pool water-treatment

• Pool water-features

• Heating requirements

• Portable pool structures

• Decorative water-features

As swimming and spa pools demand stringent and highly-specialized engineering design, Devin assures clients of successful delivery of construction requirements within professional standards through engaging every capable professional and personnel at the earliest phase in the design process. A meticulous and comprehensive procedure guarantees that the final structure will function according to the specifications duly-approved by the owners, to wit:

  1. Conceptualization and outline design

  2. Detailed design and specifications

  3. Integrated design solutions

  4. Competitive tendering and selection

  5. Site monitoring

  6. Commissioning

Many of Devin’s clients know what to expect when working with the company. Aside from the company’s consistent professionalism and dependability, Devin is known for the following attributes as a top specialist engineering consultant for pool, spa and ice projects:

  1. Devin adds value to projects by incorporating creative design concepts and features unique to the client’s needs and goals;

  2. Devin eliminates or minimizes all possible risk and attains efficient commissioning of projects by applying its broad expertise and experience in project design and implementation;

  3. Devin is committed to providing satisfaction to clients through monitoring and maintenance services during and after project commissioning.

Devin Consultancy also recognizes the need to be responsive to as well as responsible in addressing environmental concerns. As such, it constantly aims to attain sustainability in implementing its projects, even though the field it is involved in remains at the fringes of mainstream sectors that require priority in the carbon-print monitoring. And because pools are considered high-energy consumers, Devin takes the initiative in becoming more aggressive in attaining carbon savings, such as providing pool-tank insulation and covers, which are not specifically required by Building Regulations but considered beneficial in the long run. Devin conducts its own research as to how to improve sustainability in swimming-pool design and operations to make them more environment-friendly and resource-sensitive.

Every individual and company has an important role to play in achieving sustainable construction and development projects through remaining aware of their responsibilities to their clients, their own companies as well as to the environment which, after all, provides everyone the privilege to experience life, sustenance and enjoyment.

Devin takes pride in delivering quality and professional consultancy services knowing they are part of the growing call to maintain the preservation and conservation of the foundation of this generation’s way of life as well as of the coming generations.

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