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Creative Disruption: Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development in the Nonprofit Sector

The stresses and demands of leadership make intellectual, emotional, creative, and even physical burnout all too common among nonprofit executives. One of the most effective and cost efficient ways to prevent this from happening is the sabbatical. A “time away”... (continued)

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Lessons from the Street: Capacity Building and Replication

This report is based on street level experience by the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation from 1990 to 2000. During that time, the Foundation sought to enhance the capacity of, or host replications in, eighty-one nonprofit organizations.

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Building Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations

So far, however, the rhetoric is ahead of the work. In this report, we try to advance capacity building work by defining capacity building as the ability of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions in an effective manner, and by examining capacity building as it relates to the overall quality of life in the... (continued)

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Capacity Building for Smaller Foundations: Making an Investment in Ourselves

For the past two decades American foundations have invested heavily in capacity building as a means to creating a more organized field of practice and infrastructure. This paper discusses how smaller foundations can leverage their financial and human capital to increase access to... (continued)

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Who Funds Capacity Building?

This web page describes resources to help nonprofits identify sources of capacity building funding, and provides a link to the National Council’s policy section which describes the federal Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, which was included in the Serve America Act of 2009.

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How can we evaluate capacity building efforts?

This web page suggests ways to evaluate capacity building, supplies links to reports with evaluation models, and offers specific tools nonprofits can use to evaluate the impact of a capacity building project and tell the story of the difference capacity building makes.

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Examples of Effective Capacity Building

This section describes specific capacity building projects and offers links to research and reports about those projects, including to the National Council’s resources on raising public awareness, “Telling Your Story,” where you can upload your own examples of successful capacity building projects and read about the difference that... (continued)

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What is Capacity Building and Why is it Needed?

This web page explains why nonprofit capacity building is critical now, describes what nonprofit capacity building can accomplish, and offers suggestions for nonprofits in search of good sources for capacity building training. This section also provides suggestions for additional resources and specific tools that can be used... (continued)

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National Council of Nonprofits - Capacity Building Hub

provides guidance to help nonprofits, grantmakers, policy makers, and others understand how nonprofit capacity building enables nonprofits to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, thus helping nonprofits realize – and sustain – their missions.

The National Council’s Capacity Building Hub is... (continued)

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Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations

Report brings some common language to the discussion of capacity building and offers examples of how nonprofits have pursued building up their organizational muscle. Contributes to the growing national conversation about how to help nonprofits become more sustainable and better able to serve communities. Includes... (continued)

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