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Institute for Sustainable Communities' Advocacy Tools and Resources

Information on training in advocacy skills, networking with other activists, and one-on-one coaching for social justice nonprofits.

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Nonprofit Marketing Guide

This blog is all about do-it-yourself nonprofit communications and marketing. I love helping small and medium-sized nonprofits communicate more effectively with their members, donors, volunteers and other supporters, so that together, we can all make the world a better place. I do that as a blogger, trainer, speaker, coach and... (continued)

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Critical Issues #9: Brand Identity for Nonprofits

Focused intently on the services they provide, non-profit organizations are often unaware of the substantial asset they have in their brand identity. Not just a function of retailing consumer products, brand identity can offer reinforcement of mission, operating stability, and increased revenue, tying together diverse elements of strategy... (continued)

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