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Since New Year has come among us, we are now wondering what the trends would be or what new things would be innovated to feed the unending cravings of mankind. With the production of things which were only thought possible in imaginations, expectations are also rising from end consumers who will benefit from all of the wonders created by the intellectual thoughts of the geniuses in respective different field of industries.

Businesses are already questioning themselves: how will we continue gaining customers? Can we sustain what we have? How can we maintain our freshness? Are we still able to out-compete our rivals? Can we manage to be relevant and engaging in these constantly changing forces of digital consumer and technological advances? We assure you, we, at the Peterson Group with years of experience, are also asking the same questions and reviewing our options.

Amid the warnings of fast changing development in our modern world, it is important to note that no innovation was ever adapted overnight. All of the technology that we see today have been created and developed for decade when people are still in denial and doubt of the possibility of its existence and success. It takes time for new things to be accepted and even takes longer time to let go of old customs and habits. Obsolescence creeps on brands, not spring on them. However, with continuous flow of information and unquenchable quest for knowledge, it will only take time to revamp theories and experiments and we have to start anew with brand strategies to cater to the demands of our spontaneous market.

From the far flung corners of the world, the developing cities of Taipei, Taiwan, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; amidst the thick pollution of Beijing, China and the bustling streets of Seoul, South Korea; the taming of the wild in Kenya or Ghana and the flourishing complexities of the United States, brands stand the risk of simply ceasing to matters as cultures, trends and expectations shift across time.

While many CEOs may be kept awake waiting and preparing for the unexpected and gathering their gear to withstand, the threat of their brand going the same way as dinosaurs will likely suffer a much slower pedestrian pace.

Change is good. The only question is, will your business be relevant to keep up with the changes? If it is, is your brand strategy enough to stand the test of time?

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