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This 2017 expanded version of "The Three-Hour Risk Management Plan" includes an added risk management audit, additional chapters on establishing a risk management committee and the importance of establishing contingency funding. Anyone who has already purchased an earlier version can contact the author at [email protected] and get the updated version for free!

This is one of 17 guides in The Hour Series of Guides for Nonprofit Management and look for the companion training modules. These guides are not theory, but practical, field-tested tools for any nonprofit manager. Other guides in the series include:
• The Four-Hour Nonprofit Start-up Plan - Everything you need to know about starting a nonprofit, including sample Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
• The Six-Hour Strategic Plan - This award-winning, simplified planning process is great for a small or mid-sized nonprofit looking for a way to engage board and staff in a fast-paced one-day session; include The One-Hour Organizational Assessment guide.
• The Two-Hour ED Performance Review Plan - Ideal for the board and executive director looking for a comprehensive performance review process which includes sample core competencies and a step-by-step review plan, including sample policies
• The Nine-Hour Risk Management Plan - Includes everything you need to develop a risk management plan, even sample policies and procedures
• The One-Hour ED Report to the Board - Wondering what to include in the executive director report to the board of directors? This guide provides you with examples and strategies for a concise and informative report
• The One-Hour Organizational Assessment - Also included in The Six-Hour Strategic Plan guide, this series of benchmarks or standards is a great tool for evaluating how well the nonprofit is doing in every aspect of the nonprofit; includes suggestions on how to use the assessment
• The Six-Hour Internal Operations Assessment - A comprehensive look at all aspects of a nonprofit-s administrative side of operations and includes everything from financial controls to legal documents and other critical policies and procedures. Checklists and samples are included and facilities and equipment oversight are also discussed. Internal operations issues like risk management and human resources are discussed in separate guides
• The Four-Hour Personnel Management Assessment - A great tool for evaluating your human resources management program; includes a sample employee handbook and other policies and procedures
• The Eight-Hour Excellent Manager - A unique look at issues of time management for nonprofit managers, the guide provides practical suggestions for dealing with the pressures of the job
• The Two-Hour Board Training - An essential tool for boards and executive directors, this guide addresses issues such as the various governance structures, board and staff relationships, board responsibilities; includes sample policies and procedures for recruitment, training, recognition and dismissal, as well as sample templates like board applications
• The Four-Hour Volunteer Development Process - Too many nonprofit staff are not sure what to do with volunteers. This guide covers every aspect of volunteer recruitment, training, recognition and dismissal, including sample policies and procedures
• The One-Hour Meeting - Long, boring unproductive meetings will be a thing of the past if the guidelines and strategies outlined here are put into practice
• The Two-Hour Community Involvement Plan - Several strategies for community involvement are highlighted, including how to set up a community problem-solving conference; roadblocks to coalitions and networks are also discussed
• The Two-Hour Marketing Plan - Step by step strategies for developing brand identity and a marketing plan are included
• The One-Hour Program Evaluation - How to develop a program plan, evaluate a program and know when it is time to shut a program down are all covered in this guide
• The Eight-Hour Outcomes Measurements Process - A great tool for any nonprofit wanting to implement an outcomes measurements process or to evaluate their current process; step-by-step instructions and how to use the results in marketing and fundraising
• The Two-Hour Resource Development Assessment - Raising funds and other resources without careful assessments before and after will not only be a waste of money but a waste of volunteer and staff time. The guide discusses the pros and cons of a wide-range of resource development strategies and includes suggestions on how to effectively evaluate the strategies you choose.

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