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At first glance, many would see Devin Consultants as a quintessential modern company engaged in the design and engineering field utilizing technology as a tool for delivering the latest conveniences in pool and spa facilities. And they would be absolutely right in thinking that! Nevertheless, Devin has the inherent independence as a company to be engaged in literally groundbreaking projects that either change or even create history.

A prime example would be Clongowes Wood College, which recently celebrated its centenary. No thanks to Devin for that, of course! Clongowes Wood did that on its own, being one of the old respected colleges in Ireland. What Devin has accomplished was to help Clongowes Wood replace its old, original swimming pool built in 1887 -- reputed as the first indoor swimming pool in Ireland -- with a new one. That, is history-making – and history-in-the-making -- if we consider what people will say a hundred years hence.

That is why Devin is happy and proud to be part of this project as it will put its company’s name and capability in the annals of Clongowes Wood’s history for certain. But more than that, Devin is thrilled to be the one chosen to design and build a new pool that will serve as an instrument for many young Irish youth and others from nearby places and countries to develop their skills as well as improve their physical stamina and strengthen their spirit through competitive sports. Not to mention, provide them with rest and recreation from their many ostensibly tedious tasks in college.

According to Devin project engineer, Shazad Khan, who relishes his visits at the site to supervise the pool works, “. . . The school grounds are amazing and there's so much history in the original building." Among the well-known personalities who finished at Conglowes Wood were author James Joyce, Ryanair founder Michael O Leary, and Nick Hewer of The Apprentice. Who can avoid appreciating the traditional and the historical significance that the college premises hold for many of its alumni as well as for the rest of the people of the country?

Devin Consultancy considers its involvement a “meeting of the old and the new”. For while many people and nations take it as a solemn responsibility to preserve their cultural heritage, they also have the duty and vision to keep up with the times and adopt modern tools and ideas that will enhance their multifarious tasks of developing lives and institutions to their highest potentials.

Devin’s consultants strive to understand and appreciate the needs and specifications of its clients. In so doing, they treasure the moments when they can interact with clients and become part of the process of enhancing their existing facilities in order to build their future.

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