How to Create an Effective Donate Page Edit Title

Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

Have you tried emailing people to get them to give, with few results?

How can you get people to click donate on your website? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to get this done.

With this webinar you’ll be able to start to get donations on your nonprofit website. You’ll be able to take your donors up the ladder of engagement, you’ll be able to prove to them that you are trustworthy, and that your mission truly makes a difference.

You’ll learn what your donors want the most. You’ll learn how to vet a mailing list. You’ll also learn how to get more donors to sign up for your email newsletter using social media AND on your website, and, finally, the right words to help people open your emails and get on with donating to your cause!

You Will Learn:

  1. Steps 1-5 in the ladder of engagement
  2. How to collect emails with social media
  3. What kind of images help people give to your cause
  4. 4 ways to use social proof to help people donate
  5. 22 Key words to make donors open your emails
  6. Dos and Dont's- Lots of examples of bad donate pages PLUS
  7. Stupendous donate pages: How to get people to go click donate

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About the Presenter: Mazarine Treyz

Mazarine Treyz is the founder of Wild Social Media and Wild Woman Fundraising. Mazarine Treyz has coached many nonprofits in how to help people click donate on their websites.

Mazarine Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. She is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, published 2012, given a 5 star rating by Her latest book, Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, was also given a 5 star review by

Fundraising background: In 2000 she was an intern for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In 2003 she wrote her first grants for Indonesian nonprofit Yayasan Emmanuel. In 2005 she co-founded a nonprofit called “The Moon Balloon Project” on the south shore of Boston, MA.

Since that time she has raised over $1M for various local, national, and international nonprofits with appeals, emails, grants, sponsorships, and more. And via her trainings to thousands of nonprofits all over the world since 2010, she has helped people raise hundreds of thousands more.

She has been featured on the front page of Fundraising Success Magazine, in the Chronicle of Philanthropy multiple times, & in the Stanford Social innovation Review

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