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Tom Babinszki

Tom Babinszki was born totally blind in Hungary. Opportunities were much more limited those days, but it didn't take long to turn his situation into a vocation. He wanted to help make more opportunities available to people with disabilities.

Tom started to work with advocacy groups when he was a teenager, and later on the national level to make higher education... (continued)

Volunteer Centres Ireland

Volunteer Centres Ireland
Volunteer Centres Ireland is the national Volunteer Centre. We are a representative body, support agency and membership organisation for a growing number of local Volunteer Centres in Ireland, currently 22. Local Volunteer Centres put people who want to volunteer in touch with community and voluntary or nonprofit organisations... (continued)


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Volunteer Connect

We are a volunteer center, helping promote volunteering, and training non-profits to recruit meaningful volunteers.


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VolunteerMatch strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. The organization offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement. Our popular service welcomes millions of visitors a year and has become the preferred internet recruiting tool... (continued)


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Alliance for Nonprofit Management National

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is the professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits - to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their mission. The Alliance is a learning community that promotes quality in nonprofit capacity building. The Alliance... (continued)


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The Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations US

The Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations was founded in 1996 as a program of the Society for Nonprofit Organizations. The goal of the Learning Institute is to provide affordable, accessible educational programs for all involved in the nonprofit sector. We started with satellite delivery, moved to video cassette,... (continued)


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Center for Nonprofit Excellence Louisville, Kentucky

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) is a nonprofit support management organization located in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to be a resource for the success of the nonprofit sector in the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana metro area. We are a membership organization with nearly 400 members in the Kentukiana... (continued)