Security and Risk Online: Basic Precautions to Protect your Identity Online Edit Title

Do you feel protected from hackers? Do you still think that until now, your online accounts or money hasn’t been hacked yet? Whether you know it or not, hackers have probably hacked your online accounts already. And maybe, your personal details are currently in the black market on sale and available for viewing.

While it may be pretty much difficult to completely protect yourself online, taking some basic precautions can make your identity less appealing target for cybercriminals.

Take note of the following simple ways to keep your identity safe when you’re online:

  1. To check if your personal information has been already compromised, you can check it by using this site: which is a legit site that lets you input your email to determine whether your details have been stolen or not and if it is already available for viewing in the black market.

  2. Regularly monitor your online bills and statements for any suspicious transactions that you know for yourself you haven’t made. Checking account balances and financial transactions using a software application like or are one of the best ways to help detect fraud and stop it before it gets out of control.

  3. Make sure to boost the security of your Wi-Fi connection at home by resetting the factory password on your wireless router. When accessing public Wi-Fi, do not choose to bank online or login your social accounts because free, public Wi-Fi and hotspots are prone from cyberattacks.

  4. For added security, ensure that your system is up-to-date. There’s a reason why your software is requiring for an update so don’t get annoyed with the constant notifications that keep on popping up on your computer or device. Downloading the latest version of your software will guarantee that you’ve got the most current security measure in place.

  5. Be cautious of phishing scams, they will send legit looking emails claiming that they are from a reputable company and will ask for the confirmation of your personal and financial details. Do not fall for this kind of trick!

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