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Camping is lots of fun. With the right equipment and in the right location it’s a wonderful way to slow down a notch and get back to nature.

First time campers can be a little daunted by all of the equipment required and the new skills they’ll have to learn. But really camping is a breeze. As long as you’re not afraid to get wet and don’t head off anywhere too remote on a first outing, camping out under the stars is likely to be an incredible (and exceptionally cheap) experience.
Here’s our simple guide for the first time camper:

Get the Right Equipment

Having good quality camping gear is essential. You don’t want stuff that’s going to break or get damaged easily. Instead, you need a tent that’s fit for all weathers, a sleeping bag that will keep you warm no matter how low the temperature drops, a sleeping pad for extra comfort, a camping stove, a water canister and a pan. And don’t forget the other smaller essentials – a torch, food and drink, a first aid kit, insect repellent, a tin plate, a mug and some cutlery.

Choose Your Campsite

For a first time camping experience, choose a campsite that offers reasonable facilities. That way you can head to a real toilet, take a real shower and wash your pots and pans in a real sink. There are some great options in national parks around the country so get online and get searching.

Research the Area

Find things to do in the local area. You’ll want to keep busy, particularly if the weather is colder or rainier than you expected. Look up hiking trails, local attractions, outdoor pursuits or scenic spots for a picnic. And remember that your phone signal or internet access might be patchy away from big towns and cities so do your research and take a note of any essential information before you leave home.

Pack Warmer Clothes than You Think You’ll Need

Sat out around a campfire at night, it can be colder than you think, even if the day has been sunny and hot. Pack a hat and warm layers so you can enjoy the times sat around with friends well into the evening rather than scurrying into your tent to get warm.

Keep Food Simple

When you’ve exerted all that energy lugging your stuff to your camp ground and putting up your tent, you want good hearty food as a reward. Barbecue food is easy on a camp fire as is anything in cans. And for a lovely sweet treat, take some marshmallows to roast on the fire. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are plenty of other great camping food ideas out there.
When Your Tent Is Up Keep It Zipped Up
Zipping up the doors and flaps of your tent keeps it free from insects and critters. The same goes for your bedding. Keep it all wrapped up until you need it for the night.

Keep it Short

Camping can be a bit of a learning curve. You’ll soon be a dab hand but, at first, putting up a tent, lighting a stove and organising all of your belongings can take the best part of an afternoon. Two days and two nights is probably a good place to start; long enough to mean you’re not taking down your tent as soon as you’ve got it up but short enough to not miss the convenience of your home comforts too much.
Camping out in nature is something everyone should experience. Whilst your first time camping might not be the easiest, we hope it’s the first of many and that you create lots of great memories along the way.

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