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DIY Nonprofit Marketing Resources

We find exhaustive lists, well, exhausting. Since we want to avoid exhaustion, this section is designed as a “Best Of” rather than a “here’s everything.” We only add resources that we feel are the very best around. If we can’t say with confidence that it’ll bring clarity and focus to the work of our fellow nonprofit marketers, it doesn’t... (continued)

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Is Blogging Right for Your Organization?

Have you been wondering if your organization needs a blog? In this guest post on Wild Apricot's blog, Michael Faye of AssociaDirect talks about how blogging can help you to connect more effectively with your community of members, and outlines 5 basic considerations in planning a non-profit blog.

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The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide

Created in partnership with the New Organizing Institute, this guide walks you through a step-by-step process to decide what social media channels make sense for your organization via a workbook, guide, and the results of more than six months of research. Through the included Consultant Directory, you can find a professional to... (continued)

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Social Media Strategy Map

A wiki that provides straight-forward and practical insights about social media planning including: 1) overview, 2) target audience, 3) integration, 4) culture change, 5) capacity, 6) Tools and Tactics, 7) Measurement, and 8) Experimentation

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Attitudes Toward Charities in Marketing Partnerships: a New Survey

From article: More than three-quarters of consumers say that a marketing partnership between a charity and a company they trust makes a charitable cause stand out, according to a new survey commissioned by Cone, a Boston marketing firm.

Article includes highlights from the survey and a link to the... (continued)

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