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When we think of the main applications we have installed in our Android mobile devices, we have to say that even the store Google Play Store that includes all should receive the same treatment . That's why, on this occasion we want to do one of our usual articles that talk about a new version of the Android application store.

Indeed, this time in particular we find that is already available version of the Google Play Store 7.0.16 , which means of course that can access a lot of applications, music, social networking and many other important content In its latest version also, with the advantages of having the store updated also offers us additional security.

Of course, we can not lose sight of in any case the Google Play Store 7.0.16 is the most current version of this store , and therefore, as we always recommend, should have it installed at its best. If you have an Android device and want to enjoy the benefits of the Google Play Store 7.0.16, all you have to do is continue reading this article.

Downloading the Google Play Store 7.0.16
The first thing to say about the Google Play Store 7.0.16 is that thanks to this updated version, we will have the possibility to access all paid and free applications, and download them in just one second. Google in recent times has continued to revise and update its application store , so it is always better to bet on the last one to avoid problems.

If you want to update your app store yourself to the Google Play Store version 7.0.16, you should know that there are two possibilities to do so, which are completely functional in both cases, with no differences. In any case, must be considered in this regard that we recommend doing so through the link found at the end of this article, as you observe .

The Google Play Store 7.0.16 version of the Google App Store has much better performance and use than the previous ones, so if you want your Android to run faster than ever, you should install it. As for its innovations, we must say that have been improved permits each of the apps that are part of the store , to be much more concrete than before.

And although we had anticipated, as we believe that this is the biggest news about it , we can not stop repeating that when we update the Android application store, will also be updating the categories, games, movies and all content form part of this store , so that always rejoice more and more options store free download for mobile samsung

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