3 Simple Planned Giving Tips—to Start Using Now Edit Title

Here are 3 specific things you need to be DOING with your legacy donors to keep the wonderful relationship with your organization and maintaining them on board, happy, and feeling connected.

It's not hard. It just requires your decision to do them.

Pull together your wonderful A-team. Start enhancing your gift messaging. Try connecting with your current donors a bit more this year - in these 3 ways.


Smart development professionals recognize the essential of connecting with professionals in the community. Build stronger relationships with accountants, estate planners, financial planners, attorneys, bankers, real estate agents, stockbrokers, and other professionals within your community.


We are all connected by our community in which we live in. Professionals mentioned, may have policies in place within their organizations of contributing and engaging in community service. This is a perfect opportunity to announce your nonprofit cause to these associations within your community and engage community network associations.


Trust is fundamental to all relationships. Trust is a two-way street. Associating with community members that are in good standing with the community can be beneficial both ways. One must recognize that it can add or take away depending on whom you associate. Connect with individuals that will be meaningful to you and your organization and cultivate that relationship for years to come.

Bottom Line

Start enhancing your message and communicating with your community building the relationships within your arms reach. If you are ready to take your planned giving to the next level we suggest joining your local chapter Partnership for Philanthropic Planning they offer a great opportunity to network with planned giving professionals and cover topics from bequest, charitable gift annuities and more.

Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Originally created in 1988 as the National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG), the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP) is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to help people and organizations create charitable giving experiences that are the most meaningful in achieving both charitable mission and the philanthropic, financial, family and personal goals of the donor.

Raphael Magana, is a fundraising consultant, who would be described as driven, brainstorming, rise to the challenge, results-oriented multi-lingual professional. He is a leader in a new breed of fundraisers who are on the cutting edge of fundraising. Co-Chair of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Fundraising Leadership Committee and expanding the Planned Giving Advisory Council. Lives in Los Angeles, CA & frequents Washington D.C to assist national, international, and local bases nonprofits, organizations and foundations.

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