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The Asquith Group offers Registered Investment Advisory service on fee-only basis; hence, we do not charge commission for our financial services, in contrast to insurance agents, securities-sales practitioners and wire-house brokers. Our investment counsellors sit beside our clients during meetings to remove any appearance of threat that every decision they make will entail a monetary exposure. Obviously, no one will gain any benefit in promoting anything that brings no benefit. Having a fee-only partner working with the client, you only pay for investment advice, not commissions based on investments bought or sold.

Among the clients The Asquith Group serves are endowments, foundations, corporations and high net-value investors. Moreover, as a policy, The Asquith Group is committed to concentrate on the administration of individual and corporate retirement strategies.

Our investment method can be best referred to as a balanced investment global value. Balanced, since it involves combining equities, fixed income and cash assets. Global, because it includes international securities. And Value has to do with an equity selection process which emulates the traditional approach, focusing on top-of-the-line firms valued accurately according to earnings and book values.

Professional and up-to-date systems are used to monitor client portfolios, allowing The Asquith Group to monitor any significant changes in client holdings. Focus is made on any corporate development that may negatively affect the company's financial status. The Asquith Group adheres to the principle that price/earnings level fluctuations signify an overvalued equity. Quality and valuation changes often point to the direction of selling a stock. Moreover, we recommend that mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and closed-end funds be considered as niche investment options, especially when they are appropriate for the client concerned.

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