Building Stakeholder Commitment to Your Goals Edit Title

Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

Board members, staff, donors, and stakeholders of all types (clients, suppliers, regulators, partners) need to be engaged in the planning and implementation of new strategies and actions. But how can you do this efficiently when there may be many different views and priorities?

This session will introduce key principles and six essential tools for building dialogue and alignment across diverse groups as you work to fulfill your mission and strategy.

Take Aways
Practices to structure multi-stakeholder meetings that:
• create real dialogue across diverse participants.
• build effective engagement in meetings of any size.
• generate constructive input on plans and proposals.

You will leave with specific tools that you can put to use in upcoming planning meetings.

Please note that we lost Rick's audio about 21 minutes in for a solid 6 minutes. We cut out the silent 6-minute block, so that you won't have to suffer through it while viewing the archived recording. Also, Rick gives another overview near the end of the webinar of the PIP slide that was missed when he lost audio.

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