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Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

You need to involve board members, staff, donors, and stakeholders of all types need in developing of new plans and taking action. But how can you lead effective, efficient meetings to build decisions and support when there can be many different views and priorities?

This session will provide essential tools for building dialogue and alignment across diverse groups as you lead meetings that involve others in reaching your goals.

Key Take-Aways

You will learn practices to structure board meetings that:

  • Generate constructive input on strategy, plans and proposals.
  • Improve alignment and commitment to decisions.
  • Support effective follow-up actions.

You will leave with specific tools that you can put to use in upcoming efforts to engage others in your plans. The tools and examples shared in this webinar are based on my new book, Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success. Related information is also available in my paper Tools for Nonprofit Board Meetings available in my library of resources on 4Good.

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