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Those who wish to explore Bandung in a more affordable way can try riding The Bandung Tour on Bus, also known as Bandros, that passes historical and iconic tourism sites in the city.

Interestingly, in addition to marveling at tourism sites, travelers will also get to hear stories of legendary destinations located along the route and the spooky myths that surround them.

“We explain about several mystical or haunted places in Bandung along the Bandros route, so that passengers won’t be bored. They will also get to know [Bandung's] legendary horror stories,” said Bandros driver Dede Sarifudin as quoted by

Bahureksa ambulance house

Located on Jl. Bahureksa in Bandung, the house is famous for an old ambulance that was always parked in front of it. Local legend says the ambulance was moved several times, but always found its way back to the house.

“The story began when a Dutch family who lived in the house was reportedly killed on the road. The ambulance brought their bodies back the house, but it didn’t leave afterwards. People have tried to move the ambulance, but they always failed,” Dede said.

However, the ambulance car has now been sold and relocated to Parung, Bogor, in West Java.

The story was turned into a movie titled Hantu Ambulance (The Ambulance Ghost) in 2008.

The pastor of Maluku park

Maluku park on Jl. Ambon is famous for the story of Pastor Verbraak, a pastor from the Dutch colonial era.

“It was said that there was a pastor who passed away and was buried right under the statue. At night, the eyes of the statue will roll to the left and to the right,” Dede claimed.

SMAN 3 and SMAN 5

Two Art Deco buildings can be seen along the Bandros's route. These are state senior high schools SMAN 3 and SMAN 5.

“The ghost here is pretty, her name is Nancy,” Dede said, adding that Nancy “guards” the two schools, which are among Bandung’s most popular educational institutions.

The Potato House

Rumah Kentang (Potato House) on Jl. Aceh looks like an old, abandoned house. The place is believed to be haunted as legend says that passersby can smell the scent of potato while passing the house.

“[Rumor has it] there was a mother who accidentally dropped her baby into a pot that was being used to cook potatoes,” Dede said.

The story was turned into Rumah Kentang, a 2012 horror film starring Shandy Aulia and Tasya Kamila. (mas/kes)

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