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In this modern era where everyone is busy with their lives, finding time to volunteer in a particular organization seems a bit hard. However, the benefits of volunteering have a significant impact to you and to the community. The right volunteer organization for you will help you to learn new skills, find friends and extend help to the community. This is why there are so many active individuals who want to get involved in different volunteer organizations, they know the benefits volunteering brings to them and to the community.

Looking for a volunteering work that fits your personality is one of the hardest parts of volunteering. But whatever volunteer position you gained from your local area will definitely have a benefit that is both rewarding mentally and physically whether for a short term or long term volunteering roles. I suggest, continue looking for a club that works for you, one which will give you a sense of purpose. The more you volunteer in different organizations, the more benefits you will experience.

There are many different club organizations which focus on saving lives. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is a group of volunteer beach lifesavers established on 1986, it is a member of Surf Life Saving GB - an awarding body for the highest standard of Beach Lifeguard Qualification in the country affiliated with over 80 Surf Life Saving Clubs and with more than 5,000 volunteers helping to make beaches safer.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club largely composed of youths (Young Life Savers) interested in making their community a safe and healthy place for every residents and tourist of Southbourne. It is fascinating to know that many youths are interested in making humanitarian works for the good of their community.

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