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Why are we so fascinated with the sea? Everyone knows we are, but no one knows why. Our innate relationship to water may be because every one of us spent nine months of our life immersed in the water as human fetuses and we simply long to feel the comfort of our mother’s watery womb again. And maybe we love to bathe our bodies to the sea considering that our human body has the same density as water and somehow the water in our cell is similar to that found in the sea.

No wonder many people love to live near the ocean as it brings many great and positive effects. Researches prove that aside from being a source of livelihood, the sea also has surprising benefits to the health and well-being of a person. However, despite the nearly endless benefits brought by the ocean to our lives, it doesn’t hide the fact that it also has a downside. There are dangers that lurk deep in the sea and it can be as unpredictable as the weather.

The sea is safe to no one. Thousands of people die in the sea due to unfortunate circumstances and because some of them do not observe safety rules and regulations when at the sea. This is why it is important to have a lifesaver prepared and ready to respond when such incidents happen. The volunteer members of Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club guards and patrols the coastal area to avoid and prevent accidents and save peoples’ lives.

Using motor powered vehicles and advance rescue equipment, the volunteer lifesavers of SSLSC patrols the sea and its neighboring areas during weekends and bank holidays from May to October. Accidents do not just appear where there are a large number of people, any sort of unfortunate events may also happen to people sailing and exploring the wonders of the sea. Tourist mostly, loves to sail and conduct different kinds of activities that may result in dreadful incidents.

The members of Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club are trained with lifesaving skills needed to respond when an unfortunate incident arise in the coastal community. They conduct fun and relevant activities to enhance and develop the skills their member needed to better serve the community of Southbourne.

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