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There are tons of ways to break into community service work – you can assist people with disabilities, help troubled youth, become a social worker, help prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol, and even work in community development. If your heart is truly in your work, you’ll be great at what you do no matter how you choose to do it. If you’re after a career that makes a difference,here are few of the reasons why you should start a career in community services.

1. Because You Love Your Community
If you feel passionate about the people who need help in your community that alone is enough of a reason to make their wellbeing your life’s work. Some people are simply made to work in fields where they can give back to the community. If you’re passionate about the area you live in and you strive to enrich that community, you shouldn’t let anything stop you. The world needs more people who are capable of providing that kind of care.

2. Because You Always Strive for Better
If you believe that one person’s success benefits everyone, you’re the kind of person cut out for community services. Even if it’s in the small things, like providing help to individuals with disabilities who have a hard time completing everyday tasks, you’ll know you’re doing what you can to help those people do better in their everyday lives. When one person wins, we all win – no matter how big or how small the victory may be.

3. Because You Value People
It’s an unfortunate reality that many people don’t feel as valued as they should feel. If you believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to achieving their fullest potential, community service work is one of the best ways to help facilitate the kind of positive change required to help people rise to the top. When you’re working with disadvantaged youth, you’re being given the opportunity to show these adolescents that they didn’t slip through the cracks – they’ll always have an advocate in you.

4. Because It’s Rewarding on Multiple Levels
There are many different career paths within the world of community services. You can work for local agencies, or you can team up with a nonprofit that operates on a global scale. You have the choice to keep it local, or explore broader horizons. You’ll be getting a paycheck while you’re watching your efforts make an impact on the greater good. It’s beneficial on all fronts, as you’ll be securing your future while helping others secure their own.

5. Because It’s Easier Than You Think
Even if you currently have a day job, it’s still possible to change course without disrupting your everyday life. You’re only a few online courses away from being able to fill the role of a community services worker. If time and money are the only things standing in your way, taking online classes makes it easier than ever for you to achieve what you dream. Nothing has to stand in your way, as long as you don’t let it.

The entire planet will benefit from more people like you – people who want to devote their time to make the lives of others more fulfilling. If you’re cut out to be that person, it’s time to become that person. In many cases, great community service workers are the closest thing to real life superheroes that anyone could ask for.

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