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If all of your work experience is in a field with limited openings, finding the right position can take a long time. You might realize that the market is crowded, making it difficult to stay ahead of your competitors. One of the worst mistakes you can make is being blind to your mental and physical health while you’re waiting for the big call back after an interview. Jobs will come and go, but you only get one body.

Don’t Stay Glued to Your Computer
If you’re an ambitious jobseeker, you probably spend tons of time in front of the computer. Looking for positions, growing your professional networks, and frequently checking your email are all a part of a productive job search, but they aren’t a productive way to manage your health. Limit your computer time in order to free up an hour here or there to get active.

Create a Regular Schedule
A lack of structure is the perfect breeding ground for stress, which can take a toll on you in many ways. It bogs down your mind, and can even disrupt your metabolism. Creating a schedule that’s easy to adhere to will take away some of the unknown, helping you manage your time and take care of yourself in the way you deserve. Wake up, have coffee, check job postings on Gumtree. Tend to some household chores, go for a walk, and then come back and check your email. You may want to keep a whiteboard or a daily planner that outlines your activities.

Use Your Free Time to Prepare Wholesome Meals
If your previous job involved working on your feet, you were probably getting a lot more exercise then than you are now. If you worked long or irregular hours, you may not have had the time to prepare nutritious meals. While you’re trying to find a job, you’ll have a little more time to feed yourself properly. Hit the farmer’s market for some seasonal produce, and pick up some lean proteins. Once you’ve mastered cooking wholesome meals for yourself, it will be an easier habit to stick to when you return to work.

Enrich Your Mind
Researching companies, tailoring resumes, and writing cover letters takes a lot of mental stamina. Mental fatigue leads to burnout, and burnout can lead to complete stagnation. Don’t forget to reward your mind with the things that it likes. Learn something new, take online courses, or read the literary classics you’ve been meaning to get to. Sometimes, a job search is just as difficult as a demanding job. Your mind needs to be rewarded with pleasurable things after all the effort it’s extended during the hunting process.

Find a Fulfilling Hobby
When we’re at work, we’re gaining professional experience. We’re perfecting our skills, growing in our competency, and mastering the art of our careers. Climbing the career ladder is a measurable track to success, and it’s easy to see all of the hard work pay off. Without a job, you may not be able to work towards that success, and having that absent from your life may lead to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. Find a hobby you enjoy, and treat that hobby as your own personal ladder to success. Write poetry, knit scarves, or learn chess. Make sure the hobby challenges you, and you enjoy celebrating your personal victories.

It’s important to remember that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Eating well won’t do you any good if you’re always exhausted from hours of intense concentration on your career search. Going for a walk won’t give you any mood boosting side effects if you have nothing to look forward to. Treating your mental and physical health with equal care is the true key to wellbeing.

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