Mazarine Treyz

Author of two five-star rated books (rated by, Get the Job, Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, and The Wild Woman's Guide to Social Media. Also authored The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising. Popular website,, gets 40,000 monthly visitors.

Coaches small nonprofits in how to fundraise and communicate more... (continued)

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Nonprofit Webinars FAQ

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Q: What is Nonprofit Webinars?

A. Since 2009 Nonprofit Webinars has presented free, weekly professional development webinars for nonprofit staff and trustees under the guidance of Founding Director Sam Frank, of Synthesis Partnership. Our 400 or so Webinars from over 100 expert presenters have been seen by over 20,000 people from every... (continued)

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4Good exists to empower nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.

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