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How Data Will Change the World

Are computers more important than changing lives and changing circumstances in our communities? Is the mission of IBM more important than the missions of the social sector? If actions speak louder than words, the answers to these rhetorical questions are yes, based on the actions of social sector leaders and their supporters. The... (continued)

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How to Get Your Leadership on Board for the Creation of High-Performance Measurement Cultures

Great social sector organizations achieve organizational outcomes such as increased revenues, increased efficiencies, and increased impact. The research contained in Impact & Excellence (Chaney Jones, 2014), highlights how there is a significant positive correlation... (continued)

Taggedhigh-performance measurementmeasurement culturedata outcomessocial sectorincrease fundingsheri chaney jonesmeasurement resources company

Change the World by Changing the Funding Conversation to Outcomes

The common but flawed social sector practice of using administrative overhead to gauge and determine organizational effectiveness is getting a lot of attention these days. If you are involved with the development or fundraising of a nonprofit organization, then it is likely that you have heard... (continued)

Taggedmeasurement outcomesnonprofit effectivenessimpact and excellencenonprofit management

Three Approaches to Data Management: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Is your organization a Dust Collector, Compliance Officer, or Coach? Ideally, your performance measurement initiatives result in desired outcomes, such as improved performance, increased funding, and improved public relations. Has this been your experience? Or are you like many organizations... (continued)

Taggeddata management performance management data outcomes nonprofit fundingdata managementperformance managementdata outcomesnonprofit fundinggovernment fundingoutcomes measurement

Future Impact Starts with a Six Step Needs Assessment

There is a reason the federal government is mandating a needs assessment as part of many of the grants they administer. Efficient and impactful organizations focus their efforts on meeting the needs of the populations they serve. Their programs and services are modified based on an assessment of their... (continued)

Taggedneeds assessmentprogram assessmentassessmentsnonprofitgovernmentsheri chaney jonesprogram impactmeasurement resources

The Gold Standard: Randomized Control Trial

What is program evaluation? Ask social sector leaders this question and you will get a variety of answers. To some it involves a quick survey at the completion of a training class, others will say it involves qualitative assessment including some focus groups and interviews, and others will describe a very rigorous... (continued)

Taggedprogram evaluationrandomized control trialevaluation programsRCTcontrol groups

How to Isolate Your Program’s Unique Impact

Social change is complex, and there are many moving factors that impact a specific client outcome. Even when rigorous program evaluation methods including a control group are in place, questions may linger regarding if it was the program or some other factor that made the ultimate difference or influenced the desired... (continued)

Taggedoutcomes measurementprogram evaluationdata outcomessheri chaney jonessocial change

What is the Ideal Survey Response Rate?

Not all survey results are created equal. With the proper survey sample size, surveys can yield powerful data to gauge program outcomes. They are also great resources for understanding the needs and desires of your ideal clients. Knowing this information can help you improve your... (continued)

Taggedsurveyssurvey resultssurvey ideal response ratesurveynonprofitdetermining surveysideal survey response rates

A Formula for Successful Change

It is time to face some hard realities in the government and nonprofit sectors. Things are not going to get easier if the sector maintains the status quo. Waiting for the economy to rebound is no longer a valid excuse for making radical changes to the way business is done. Even though the economy is getting better, the social... (continued)

Taggednonprofitmeasurementsoutcomessheri chaney jonesmeasurement outcomesnonprofit fundingnonprofit managementorganizational changemeasurement resources company

Outputs vs. Outcomes and Why it Matters

“Output, outcomes, who cares” is an expression I’ve heard from nonprofit and government leaders more than once. Typically, I’m not a stickler for semantics and jargon. However, the distinction, understanding, and adoption between these two concepts in social sector organizations is near and dear to my heart. It can be... (continued)

Taggedsocial sectormeasurement outcomesoutputsoutcomesoutputs vs. outcomesmeasurement resources companysheri chaney jones

A Measureable Roadmap to Success

Measurement for measurement’s sake will not produce the widespread organizational changes needed to achieve high-performance nonprofits that are equipped to realize greater impact and excellence. However, measurement is essential for creating impactful programs and communicating to donors and funders the changes that are... (continued)

Taggedperformance measurementnonprofitsnonprofit performancemeasurement outcomesmeeting goals for nonprofits

Five Steps to Enhanced Employee Engagement

The best way to understand if your organization is operating at peak performance with highly engaged staff is to ask them. Learn five steps to follow for enhanced employee engagement.