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I-Plan (1): Time to be a truly attractive company

Towards a truly attractive company

• An attractive company is one in which the management, employees and their family members feel a sense of prosperity and happiness, and proactively work toward greater customer satisfaction and a higher level of social contribution.
• We will endeavor to become a truly attractive company that seeks to achieve higher levels of public and customer satisfaction and make greater contributions to society.

"Dedication and self-fulfillment" as our driving forces

• Dedication and self-fulfillment are the driving forces that enable the management, employees and their family members to feel prosperity and happiness. Dedication and self-fulfillment also generate a virtuous cycle of personal development and corporate growth.
• We will manage the company in such a way as to boost staff dedication and self-fulfillment as driving forces for our evolution into a truly attractive company.

OC Global as one driving force for ACK Group

Oriental Consultants Global does more than contribute to the ACK Group’s financial performance. It also creates new businesses, leads technical development and sophistication, and supplies human resources for many different functions in the Group.
• In all aspects we will act as a driving force of the Group in order to form an attractive corporate group.

Relationship between staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction and social contribution

Genuine customer satisfaction and contributions to society are realized when the services are born from the passion of employees. This is why we believe that greater staff satisfaction leads to true customer satisfaction and social contribution.

What is prosperity?

Prosperity in these management policies collectively refers to a sense of achievement, contentedness, ample time and material and economic well-being.

Feeling of prosperity

• We will secure and nurture competent human resources, enhance various programs and improve the working environment to enable executives, employees and their family members to feel a greater sense of prosperity and happiness.
• This feeling of prosperity and happiness will heighten motivation, dedication and self-fulfillment.

Personal development

• We will forge ahead with developing technologies and services to build unrivalled quality and technical abilities and sales strengths, and to help individuals develop themselves toward ever higher goals.
• This personal development will help establish personal autonomy and turn individuals into true professionals with a sense of responsibility, perseverance and ability to realize their ambitions.

Corporate growth

• We will secure stable earnings and continuously grow by creating and expanding businesses in existing markets and also in private-sector and international markets.
• This constant corporate growth leads to continued pursuit of customer satisfaction and social contribution.

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