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Newsflash: "Strategic planning" is pointless! Unless, of course, it leads to action... action that achieves results that advance your mission. Non-profits need to hear strategic planning as a "call to action" and follow through, but it's tough when you don't have all of the pieces in place. Unfortunately, the "textbook" approaches (you know, the chevrons) don't tell you what to do to make sure what you've put on paper becomes reality. Not to worry... we've put together a little primer that will help you out... from building awareness of what you're signing up for to managing execution like a program, we've got you covered with this little document, which outlines key elements that build toward action every step of the way. Take a look... if you don't think you got your money's worth, we'll refund your purchase!

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  1. Hear the "call to action" that strategic planning should be, and heed it! This handy little presentation, designed specifically for the 4Good community, outlines what you need to consider... and what you need to do... to make sure that inkling of an idea: "You know, maybe we should do a strategic planning off-site" ultimately leads to real outcomes that help your non-profit move forward.

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Snowflake LLC is a small business consulting firm located in Loudoun County, Virginia. Launched in May 2014, we're made up of former "Big 4" and other "marquee name" consultancy professionals who left "big consulting" to make a greater impact on society. Our goal is to bring "top-tier," global perspectives, experiences, and professionalism to non-profits, local governments, small business, and other organizations that help build and sustain communities at affordable, accessible costs. We focus on strategic planning, market engagement, people strategies, and organizational cost-effectiveness... all designed to help you plan, fund, staff, and deliver your services to the public. We help great organizations do greater things, and we can help you!

Learn more at www.snowflakellc.com/nonprofits or contact [email protected]. And follow us on Twitter: @snowflakellc

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