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Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and players are competing to gain the strongest Pokemon and complete as much of their Pokedex as possible. But how do you make the most of this great game? Here are some tips to help you get a head start on your competition

Turn it on
Whenever you go for a walk anywhere, be sure to turn on the app and leave it open on your screen. It won’t register if it is open in the background or your screen is turned off, so be sure to stay active. You don’t have to interact with it all of the time, but when the game is on and you are walking, you will quickly be able to notch up kilometres. The further you walk, the more eggs you will hatch, and you can also level up one Pokemon at a time by selecting them as your walking buddy.

Wait to evolve
Don’t just grab all of your Pokemon and trade them in or evolve them at once! The best option is to go out and hunt for a long while before you make any trades. Every now and then, when you have a large amount of Pokemon in your bag, it’s time to level up quickly with a lucky egg. A lucky egg will increase the experience that you earn for any action in the game, but it only lasts for a short time. Use the Pidgey Calculator to input your Pokemon and work out how many to trade in before you start. Activate the egg, then evolve your Pokemon quickly to rack up double points for each of them. Now go out for a walk and make sure that you use the rest of your lucky egg time to catch new Pokemon. You can use incense at the same time to ensure that you catch as many as possible. Be sure to be stocked up on balls first though!

Save battery
The game can be a big drain on your battery, and this can cut short your sessions as well as making it difficult to play when you know you will be away from your charger. To save battery, first switch off the AV mode. While it’s fun to see Pokemon in the wild around you, this uses your camera and thus drains your battery much quicker. You can also turn on battery saver mode, which allows your screen to go blank and keeps the game running. Both of these are essential if you want to go on long hunts.

Know your nests
There are certain areas where certain Pokemon are more likely to be, so make sure that you figure this out quickly. When you know where to catch more rare Pokemon, you can go there regularly to catch and evolve stronger Pokemon for use in battles. You can also find certain areas where the local residents will often put lures on PokeStops, making them attract more Pokemon. This allows you to catch a lot of rare Pokemon without moving very far at all. The nests do change from time to time, so you will have to keep on top of this!

Pokemon Go is a great game which encourages a lot of socialising, so be sure to play with your friends as well. There are rumours of trade functions coming in the future, so make some good buddies in the Pokemon Go world in preparation! It makes the game so much more entertaining when you play this way.

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