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2014 Words That Wow

For those of you wanting to use words to change the world, finding the best words can be super stressful. To get people excited about your work. To get them engaged in your mission. To turn them into super fans who want to make your organization the talk of the town. You want your words to wow!
There are some good resources out... (continued)


Geri Stengel

Geri Stengel is founder and president of Ventureneer.com, which connects nonprofit execs, social entrepreneurs, and socially responsible small business owners with the knowledge they need to make the world a better place and to thrive as sustainable organizations. Her blog, Vistas provides insights, strategies, techniques, and solutions that help values-driven... (continued)

Trista Harris

Trista Harris is nationally known as a passionate advocate for new leaders in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. She is a leading voice for Generations X and Y and seeks to create professional development opportunities throughout the sector. Trista has been featured on CNN and her work has been covered by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the New York Times,... (continued)


You are passionate about your cause. Whether it's kids, climate, arts, health, immigration, or education—you make a difference. Everyday. There are people who want to help you make that difference. The question is how do you make sure these mission-minded folks hear about what you are doing and how they can engage? You sound your horn! Claxon is on a... (continued)


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