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Sally Caverly grew up in an environment surrounded by art. During her teen years, she was at times tasked by her parents to serve as an auctioneer on their collection of American impressionist paintings and sculptures. Her keen taste in art is an extension of her attachment with the mountains and the wildlife of the Lakes Region in New Hampshire. She started her first artwork collection in her late twenties where she bought a pastel drawing of wild ducks by William Henry Chandler. Obtaining this artwork makes her want to collect more, and as I noticed, her love on artworks with ducks, geese, birds and wild animals are evident on her collective artworks.

Sally grew up on the East Coast where the environment and the people she interacts with became an integral part of what she is now and what Hawkfield consultants has reached. Her attachment in the place is quite apparent through her collections. And her experiences and insights became a great aide to maintain the gallery's charm to many tourist and art lovers visiting the place.
Hawkfield Gallery and its fine art consultants with their expertise and experience in the field have helped Sally Caverly in providing great service and assistance to many clients of the gallery.


Sally obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, a diploma in Phillips Academy and a Master’s degree in Education. She also later worked as Market Research Department Head at Houghton Mifflin Company and operated an online retail store. Currently, she is the Director of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association.

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