Critical Issues #17: Fear and Loathing of Strategic Planning

There is not one correct approach to strategic planning and its implementation, but there always is an approach that will be able to move you toward your goals.

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Critical Issues #15: Strategic Action

Strategic planning is about organizational development and focused action. In this essay we look at how to create action items that will advance strategy and mission.

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Webinar: Effective Strategic Planning 2: Getting Results

Strategic planning fails for various reasons:

  • tedious, time-consuming process
  • obvious, vague, or unmeasurable actions
  • ignored once plan is written (or plan never quite finished)
  • adds tasks to an already over-stretched staff
  • results not visible to stakeholders
  • does not advance... (continued)

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Critical Issues #14: Managing Change

The missions of many nonprofits focus on pushing for social change or preparing people to adapt to the larger forces of change around them. Other nonprofits preserve and share a cultural heritage in the face of change. Organizational change in its various forms, however, can be much less familiar and manageable.

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Critical Issues #13: Before You Hire an Architect

Facilities are an extraordinarily expensive solution to any need. If you need to build—or think you might—there are ways to reduce your costs, your risks and your stress, and increase the benefits you will derive from your new or renovated facility.

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Critical Issues #12: Business Planning

A nonprofit organization has the same need for a business plan as a for-profit company. Whether your mission focuses on social benefit or profit, business planning is about charting a course toward success and sustainability.

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Critical Issues #11: Integrated Planning

We use the term integrated planning to describe a composite of planning activities that together provide the structure, direction and guidance needed by an organization. While the composite will vary in different situations, an understanding of the principles and framework for integrated planning will help to make each of the... (continued)

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Critical Issues #10: Mind Your RFPs & Qs

A Request for Proposals (RFP) can be a useful tool in the hiring of service providers. As with any tool, the results depend on how you use it.

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Critical Issues #9: Brand Identity for Nonprofits?

Focused intently on the services they provide, non-profit organizations are often unaware of the substantial asset they have in their brand identity. Not just a function of retailing consumer products, brand identity can offer reinforcement of mission, operating stability, and increased revenue, tying together diverse... (continued)

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Critical Issues #8: The Measure of Success

If the truly important things are qualitative, how can the real value of what we do be measured in any meaningful way? Quantitative measures are not a substitute for qualitative goals, but when developed and used thoughtfully, they are essential tools to assist in reaching them.

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Critical Issues #7: On Mission

Here’s my claim: a mission statement is a fundamental tool of strategy, focus, marketing, and identity. It provides the shortest route to your goal… for the simple reason that without it you don't really know (collectively) what your goal is.

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Critical Issues #6: Financial Modeling

A financial model can help an organization to explore, predict and control the repercussions of its decisions. It sounds more complicated than it is.

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Critical Issues #5 The Structure of Planning

There are many reasons to plan and many effective ways to go about the planning process. There are also some common ways that planning goes wrong, but a well-conceived structure can tilt the odds toward success.

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Critical Issues #2: The Secret Life of Surveys

Surveys can be scientific instruments offering statistically reliable guidance for important decisions. This article is not about that. It is about communication.

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Critical Issues #1: Why Plan

The purpose of planning is not to write a plan, it is to increase your ability to serve your mission. That is why, despite shortages of time and money, planning is all the more important in challenging times.

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Webinar: Facility Planning for Nonprofits

Before launching any substantial facility project, nonprofit boards and CEOs should have a clear sense of the entire process so that they can seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

This webinar touches on the critical information a board and CEO need to have to increase quality and value in the conception, design and... (continued)

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Critical Issues #4: On Boards

Nonprofit boards have been defined as ineffective groups of effective people. What does it take to energize and get the most out of a board?

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Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

An institution facing or creating change must attend to many kinds of
planning. Integrating all planning efforts prevents uncoordinated —or even
conflicting—results. Enormous gains can be made when all areas of planning
are developed in an integrated sequence, with a regular cycle of strategic,
business and program... (continued)

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